We have previously offered FREE EPISODES as an experiment, so that new fans (and existing) can get an idea of the style and substance of our real female wrestling matches.

How the story flows.

And, where the production value is relative to our space in time.

It was a success!

However, we are business people just like you.   It occurred to us that there is a very possible win/win scenario here at play.

Our Free Episodes get a whole lot of views when we make them free.

Duh?   Right?

Well, what if we could use that surge of traffic and views and help small business people like you get the word out on their offerings?

We are looking for individuals, websites, blogs, and businesses of all shapes and sizes around the entire world who want to advertise what they are doing to our worldwide fan base.

  • Select any public Episode you wish on this website and make it free to the public for 1 month for only $99.
  • Or, you can make an Episode free for an entire year for only $999.
  • Want a new Episode that has not been produced yet?    You can have it be free for life for only $4,999 and we can base many of the story themes around your business and include your products/services in the video itself.
  • Want us to film a lifetime Episode at your location?   Costs start at $9,999.

Episodes that are available to our viewing public are $3.99 a piece.    Here is a visual example of what you see on the front page of this website as it is currently listed:
Businesses/Websites/Fans - Make one of our Episodes free to promote YOU! 1

Here is an example of how the top of the Episode 77 page looks when clicked on currently.

Businesses/Websites/Fans - Make one of our Episodes free to promote YOU! 2

If you buy out an Episode (let’s use Episode 77 as an example) for 1 month, multiple months,  or 1 year, here is an EXAMPLE of what the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION could now look like with your advertising and message attached:

Businesses/Websites/Fans - Make one of our Episodes free to promote YOU! 3

The rest of the page will be edited to indicate the video is free BECAUSE OF YOU and web surfers will have the download and streaming links to choose from.

Some ideas of things you can insert in the space above:

  • Your logo and banners
  • We can embed a video advertisement of your business if you have one pre-made.  (can be as short or long as you wish)
  • Your website will be linked every single time we mention your name in the posting and when we advertise you around the internet.
  • Your social media links and a newsletter signup link can be included in your Episode posting if you have them.
  • A special limited time offer for FWC customers/viewers only so you can track sales.  (not required, just a suggestion)
  • If you are a fan or customer, and simply want your favorite video made free for a month or a year, we can do the same for you as we can for companies.  If you want your social media links up, a special message, simply CONTACT US and we will work something out.

You will now notice that Episode 77 will be listed as FREE on the front page of the website in the image below.   We will also activate our FREE EPISODES tab and place it in the menu on the top of the page.

Businesses/Websites/Fans - Make one of our Episodes free to promote YOU! 4

Here is how the top of the Episode 77 page will look when you make it FREE.

Businesses/Websites/Fans - Make one of our Episodes free to promote YOU! 5

We decided to make the Episodes .99 cents around August of 2016.  You will see that our traffic was much, much higher in early 2016 up to July when we offered the Free Episodes.   We had no advertisers or sponsors attached, we simply offered them free to get more people interested in what we do.

A chart of our traffic in 2016 over a 6 month average:

Green = Monthly Page Views
Blue = Unique Monthly Visitors
Orange – Returning Visitors

Businesses/Websites/Fans - Make one of our Episodes free to promote YOU! 6

The traffic drop we experienced by no longer offering the FREE EPISODES was pretty impactful as you can see above from July to August, then from August on to December in 2016.   It should be pointed out as well, that we did little to no paid advertising during this period, other than maybe the occassional $5 boosted post on our Facebook fan page.

If you are wondering if our FREE EPISODES will get eyes to your business, take a look at the 1 year graph of our website traffic from 2016 below.

Pay particular attention to January 2016 through July 2016, when FREE EPISODES were active on this website:  

Businesses/Websites/Fans - Make one of our Episodes free to promote YOU! 7

Some points of interest:

  • You can buy a single month, multiple months, a full year, and/or lifetime options at the price points listed above on this page.
  • Our purchasing base is 99 percent male.   Females view the site, but rarely purchase.
  • Many males from all over the world enjoy our content, but some exist who will never purchase because of a wife or girlfriend who might get jealous or angry if they watch real women’s wrestling.  Making it free not only will gain their eyes, but you may gain their wallet as an advertiser if you have something compelling that gets their attention.   We believe that many of them will appreciate you doing this so much, that they will become a customer of yours.  That is our hope with this exercise!
  • If sponsors/advertisers like yourself are bringing more capital to our plate by monetizing existing Episodes, this will allow us to put more money, time, and hands on getting our Free Episode web traffic numbers up.
  • The first thing we advertise to all NEW fans (when they are available) are the Free Episodes. Thus, we have mass incentive to promote you every single day as much and as hard as we can. True win/win.  And, it should go without saying, but it’s in our best interest for you to make maximum sales off of this, so you that you will advertise/sponsor again.   Unlike most advertising companies that take your money and run, we are a small business just like you, and we are going to go to bat for you if you do business with us.
  • We will never have nudity.   Ladies will dress sexy.  At worse, they might cuss. They do use REAL wrestling moves that are deemed “sexy” by the observer.  You can survey our WRESTLING RULES and feel free to watch the trailer videos contained in each EPISODE to make sure this is for you.  We cannot promote companies, models, or products/services that promote nude or overly adult material.
  • If you purchase a yearly or lifetime Episode, you will have a lifetime hard link to your website in the Episode as an active or previous sponsor.
  • Any networks (Netflix, Hulu, etc) that do business with us in the future have to agree to include your business advertising on Episodes that are pre-bought out (by that time) for lifetime or yearly purposes.
  • If you are not satisfied we will give your money back.   We are not here to take your money and run, we want to build a long term relationship with the businesses that invest in us and the absolutely wonderful ladies from this company that make all of this possible.

Are you ready to get started?


  • You will be billed via email through Paypal.  You can pay with your Paypal account, or if you do not have a Paypal account, you can simply pay with a valid debit or credit card.
  • We like having our customers use Paypal, because your credit card information is not revealed during transactions that take place on the internet, as the information is securely stored within your Paypal account.  Another reason we use Paypal, is because they offer something to our fans and businesses like yourself called PAYPAL CREDIT.  The way it works at the time of this writing, is that you can (if you qualify) use Paypal Credit to pay for any balances over $99 with us.  We get paid instantly, and you will incur zero interest if you pay your balance off in full within 6 months back to Paypal.  Great for cash flow and it gives us full potential to give you a return before you put one dime out of your pocket.
  • If we have not contacted you already, CONTACT US using the web form or call 765-505-2093 and ask for Johnny.
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