Many of you don’t like using debit or credit cards and want to pay for your services in cash.   Or, perhaps you want to stay anonymous.

We now have an easy and fantastic solution for you.

It’s called the “Paypal My Cash” card.   

This eliminates the need for services such as Western Union, Money Gram, etc.

Here is how it works:

  1.   Find a location in your area that sells Paypal Cash Cards.   Find the place closest to you using this locator here –
  2.   Decide what cash amount you want to load onto the card.   You will pay something close to a $4 fee depending on your location.
  3.   A unique 10 digit pin will be located on your now purchased Paypal Cash Card.   Email the pin to us using our CONTACT FORM or call us at 765-505-2093.
  4.   We will be able to go to – log into our account – and have access to the funds within 30 minutes to 1 hour of your purchase as soon as we enter your 10 digit pin into the field.
  5.   Done!    We have done business without a debit or credit card, check, money order, without using complicated money transfer services.

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