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Why I Stand Against Hypocrisy AND The Protests

(Some of you are going to whine and complain that I should stick to entertainment.  Don’t worry.  I will. You won’t be getting much of this from me)

No matter who you are……….what a crazy time.

This is one thing we can agree on.

The rest of what I write here today a lot of you are going to AGREE on and many of you are going to DISAGREE on.

However, not a single human being has the power to change their own opinion.  Opinions can only be changed by OUTSIDE INFLUENCES or they will not be changed at all.

Let me give you an example from nature.

Here in the United States, animals that are still wild are absolutely scared to death of humans.  And, for good reason.  Over the centuries, we have shown that we will eat them for food.

When a team of researchers first flew over Papua New Guinea they discovered a cove that could only be accessed by helicopter.  When they landed they were in for quite a shock.  A huge group of animals gathered around them………….but did not flee.

You see, all information comes from the outside.

These animals did not know that (some) human beings are killers.  From the time these animals were born it’s likely they had never seen a human being in their entire life.

Thus, they did not flee.  The animals gathered around.  They were curious.

Little did they know.   Some men will kill them.  Some won’t.

This brings us into today.

Governments all around the world are learning a hard and inevitable truth.

Information is flowing freely for the first time in known human history.  For the longest time, governments had strong control over social engineering and the narratives that they would insert into Movies and TV.  There is not a major news publication anywhere that is NOT filled with government agents acting as citizens in our country right now most likely.

News and social media organizations are currently engaging in sedition against the President of the United States along with heavily censoring information that doesn’t fit their favored narrative.

We are currently in a period of incredible propaganda.

Even Thomas Jefferson warned not to trust the newspapers in the beginning:

“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

One recent starting point in my own mind was 9/11 here in the United States.

What really happened that day and why may forever be question.

What’s not in question are the powers the government assumed because of being attacked.

The first big attack on the Republic in my lifetime was known as “The Patriot Act“.

Men such as Bill Barr and Robert Mueller have been shutting down and perhaps even silencing 9/11 families every since.

Both of these men have appeared back in politics recently, both to protect the deep state they hold so dear.

The next thing you know, Edward Snowden revealed that all of us are being spied on.

Instead of being hailed as a hero, he is still exiled in Russia.

Julian Assange revealed a couple key things to us. That one of the Democratic National Convention information breaches was not a leak, but a hack. On one of these occasions, a young man by the name of Seth Rich was murdered in the street in Washington DC execution style.  His family ended up suing Fox News for “spreading conspiracy theories” about their son, which I find very strange.

(the family is also trying to sue Wikileaks and Julian Assange…………but Julian is holed up in prison as a political prisoner, most likely because of this precisely, not making their case look very genuine)

You would think any parents would want to get down to the bottom of their son’s murder?

Well, this video has never once been explained.

Another key thing Julian revealed to us is a hint of the absolute depravity going on at the upper levels of this world.  He showed that John Podesta was using code words for pedophiles and also attended spirit cookings by a strange woman named Marina Abramovic.

NOTE:  Finding information on the top two subjects on Google is a bit of a challenge as many of the articles are covering for them and not presenting the other side.  Do your research diligently.

Julian was illegally dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy and is still holed up in Belmarsh Prison as I type this.

Can I say with 100 percent certainty that Seth was the leaker?

I cannot.

However, the patterns emerging here do not look good.  This becomes especially true the more you study this subject.

There were no major protests or riots in the streets for these heroes, afterall.  Much regarding these men has been covered up, manipulated, or whitewashed altogether.

Which leads me to one of the points of this article.


When you protest you violate the rights of others to secure YOUR own rights.

Not to mention, our founders were very keen to ensure that America WAS NOT a Democracy.

They wanted it to be a Republic.


  • “Real liberty is not found in the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments,” Alexander Hamilton wrote. “If we incline too much to democracy we shall soon shoot into a monarchy, or some other form of a dictatorship.”
  • Thomas Jefferson lamented that “a democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51 percent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49.”
  • James Madison argued that democracies “have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”
  • John Adams concluded that democracy “never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”
  • When asked by a passerby what sort of government the constitutional convention had formulated for the new nation, Benjamin Franklin memorably replied, “A REPUBLIC, if you can keep it”


Many have described Democracy as…………”Two Wolves and a Sheep at Dinner”.

picture it in your head………..two wolves………..and a sheep……… dinner.   Who do you think gets eaten?

Mass protests are nothing more than MOB RULE.

The philosophy essentially states……….if we don’t like something………we can get a big crowd……….come to your house………..or your city………..and use INTIMIDATION to get what we want.

Civil society was set up to prevent this type of thinking………..not encourage it.

I live in Indiana.  Big wide open spaces.  Very easy to get to where you want to go and fast.

I can only imagine being in New York and then seeing Monroe Jamison have some type of medical emergency.  If I tried to rush her to the hospital, but you can’t get through the bridge because protesters are blocking it, are they not violating OUR rights to secure their own?

What if you have a baby that needs food, but protesters are blocking the path to the grocery store because you can’t get across a bridge?

What if the MOB shows up and DEMANDS that you divorce your wife?

Should you do so because the crowd claims she is a WHORE?

What if protesters decide to destroy your business you worked so hard on……….for so many years?

You can’t sue them.

There is no “personal responsibility” when you are dealing with a mob that wears masks.

They will simply assume you have insurance.

Well, guess what?

Not all of us can afford insurance.

Even if you do, you don’t want expensive premiums because some misguided ANTIFA PUNK blasted your windows out with a baseball bat.

Where is the PERSONAL responsibility in protesting?

Some protests can result in positive change, certainly.

But, consider what happens if a mob can simply form and force whatever idea they wish upon everyone else?

The idea at least needs to be re-examined.    Made better somehow.

I see a bunch of people in masks.  Hiding their faces.  They have gotten everything they want so far.  Justice was very swift for the officer that killed George Floyd. That wasn’t enough.  Now, they want the other cops to burn.  They got their wish.  That is not enough.  Now, they want to “defund police“.  I might agree with that one if they are talking about what Ben Swann talks about here.  That is not enough.  They want to remove a man (Donald Trump) who was fairly elected by 62 million people.  (despite recent evidence showing that the election interference came largely from the left, NOT Russia)


The founder of BET (who is sensing blood) wants 14 Trillion Dollars in Reparations paid to black people.

They want all people who are white to admit we “simply don’t understand” because of our “white privilege”.


Stop right there.

That is the most racist thing I have ever heard.

If any of you reading are my customers, I have always gotten along great with just about every single one of you minus a few.  But, I truly hope you don’t think this way. This is an infectious disease of the mind being launched upon you by a leftist media that TRULY does not give a shit about you and only wants you to remove Orange Man for them because they cannot do so themselves!

(after multiple and embarrassing failed attempts since Day 1 of his Presidency)

Many of you are going to light me up about what a criminal Donald Trump is.


You do just that.

And, when you do, show me your intellectual honesty by sending me the names and crimes of the SAME PEOPLE on your side that have done THE SAME THING and WORSE.

If someone did something truly criminal against humanity or property, they should be punished no matter the political affiliation.  I’m fine if that includes Trump.

If it includes Trump and NOT those chasing him daily who are criminals themselves……….I THINK IT’S INCREDIBLY UNFAIR AND WILL BADLY BACKFIRE.


You know, I do not know my real dad.  We were poor all my life and it was just myself, my Mom, and my Grandma.  Almost every single kid I knew was poor too.  Most of them were white kids.  My mom used to drive a Yugo and I was so embarrassed I would hide when I went to school.  Not something I’m proud of for hiding and embarrassing HER like that, but it just shows how much people care about what others think of them even at a super young age.

I left a grade school called “Woodside” in my hometown in 3rd grade after I got in a fight with a bunch of kids calling my friend Jason an “Oreo” as he was black and white.

I was the only one that defended him.

I’ve never had health insurance in my entire life.

White privilege, right?

I easily could have qualified for food stamps multiple times…………but I did not take it.


I wanted to make my own way.

(something a lot of young men OF ALL COLORS could learn a lot from)

I have gotten no special privileges in my lifetime.  Banks will not loan to me “simply” because I’m white.  I messed up my credit in my 20’s.  Just about every single business or endeavor I have ever tried to start I have ran up against massive resistance, whether it be government or everyday individuals.

When I ran a news website in my hometown, I traced the IP addresses back to the cops and to the people in the courthouse.  Some of these people issued vague threats to me. I held my ground.  Until one day, I linked to an AP story and was emailed and told to take the links down.  Of course, it’s not illegal to link to another news outlet, but the AP requires members to pay “x” amount per year to be in the propaganda club.

I called the head of the Indiana AP at the time and he picked up the phone and knew who I was before I even said who I was.   I don’t think there was caller ID at the time and even if there was my name wasn’t on the phone bill.

It was chilling.

I knew that the pen was mightier than the sword…………but not in the financial situation I was in at that time.

I recently applied for the PPP loan and got a reply back that I had “insufficient credit”.

Some people will say that cops let me off easy because I’m white, right?   No, they don’t.  I have an OWI and DUI in my lifetime.  I have many white friends that have gotten the shit beaten out of them by cops.

Do you have any idea how many WHITE felons there are in this country?

Quite a few!

I reject the concept of “White Privilege” and anyone throwing around this type of talk needs to look in the mirror because YOU are the one being racist.

Full stop.

Any man or woman can pick up a book or read the internet and self educate themselves.  That’s what I did.  I found my own teachers and my own way because I didn’t have a Dad to guide the way.

I am thankful for it.

Colleges are nothing more than money sucking machines for the vast majority of the population not going into specialized jobs.  I offer a full money back guarantee to my customers.  In contrast, colleges would advertise “guaranteed placement” at one time.  They should be sued for those they did not fulfill.

More importantly, consider………

If you are a highly emotional person…………everything that happens to you is someone else’s fault……….right?

There is no personal responsibility.  You can’t get a job or ahead because of the white man.  You can’t go outside because you are worried about being battered by the police.  Women don’t like you because you are full of drama all the time or your too scared to ask them out.

Must be someone else’s fault, right?

And trust me.

It’s not just the black man.

The vast majority of people I know from ALL races are lazy, hypocritical, and will not take personal responsibility for any of their shortcomings or bad hands they were dealt in this life.

I’ve got news for ALL OF YOU reading this far.

The vast majority of the bad things that happen to you in your life………….IS YOUR FAULT!

Do I need to remind you people that George Floyd engaged in a criminal act before he was killed?

No, that doesn’t make it ok that he was killed.  Some will say that he didn’t know he had a counterfeit $20 bill.

I tend to doubt that.  It’s possible, but a lot of elements of the story simply don’t add up yet.

And him and the police officer supposedly used to work together?

Why are we not hearing more about that?

Why isn’t Derek Chauvin being interviewed or why can’t we ask tough questions to George’s brother Terrance?

Do we have to automatically assume the killer is racist SIMPLY because this involved a white man and a black man?

(there is plenty of white on white police violence and black on black police violence)

Never heard a word from Derek.

Would he deny it?   Admit it.   Nobody seems to know.

George had a pretty strong criminal history behind him and all kinds of drugs in his system at the time of him being killed.

But, if George wasn’t engaging in criminal activity and VIOLATING THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS that day………..guess what?

He would still be alive.  In a better world, maybe he wouldn’t be a criminal at all for having drugs in his system including the absolutely small crime of using a $20 bill that was fake.

The outrage was too fast……….too coordinated in my opinion.


Do you want to know how many black people were murdered last year in a country of 225 million people?

Judging by these MASSIVE and (obviously) PRE-ORCHESTRATED protests………what would the number be?










The number is 10 black individuals were killed by cops in the United States last year.

In only 2 of those cases was there any possible suspicion that the cop might have acted unjustly.


The media and their allies are attempting to foment a race war.

What people fail to understand is that governments all around the world have been inflating their currency and cannot bring themselves to do what really needs done……….oh……….the gnashing………..the PAIN………… that SINFUL phrase………..CUTTING SPENDING!

You know, the thing that vast majority of the world has to do daily?

If you can’t pay your rent first, maybe you don’t go on that expensive trip, right?


Despite this race war they are trying to foment, there have been systemic racial tensions in this country going back well over 200 years.  I am very sorry for anyone who had family who went through this or is going through this now.

It’s not just black people for you “Black Lives Matter” folks.

Did all of you miss that we were building a wall to block Mexicans from pouring in?

You don’t think Mexicans had it rough?    Or the Japanese at one time when we had the “Red Scare”?

Oh, but white people don’t understand………………


There are many countries you cannot enter in this world if you are WHITE.

That does not happen here!

Just because I can’t “imagine” that pain doesn’t mean I “don’t get it”.  It’s not because of my “white privilege” that I don’t feel these things like you do.  You can’t experience what you don’t see or feel.  I don’t sit around and worry about the plight of the Iraqi, or the Taiwanese, or the European on a daily basis.

The world is too large for that.

It’s not that I’m cold, but I’m sitting here daily trying to figure out my own challenges.

We are trying to get to a better location for the Female Wrestling Channel like Nevada or Florida.   I’m trying to help out my Mom and trying to get her eyes fixed as she badly needs cataract surgery.

I would really like to get some investment going into the FWC, but with all of this chaos, is it the wrong time to ask?

I have my own challenges, thank you.

Along with much more not listed here.



Here is what I believe will be a very unpopular, but TRUTHFUL opinion.

The most racism I am seeing out of anyone right now is coming primarily from black people and it’s been going on for quite some time.

Imagine if I started an entertainment network called “WET”…………..

White Entertainment Television.

I would be called a racist.  But, they can have “Black Entertainment Television” and it’s no big deal.  The owner of BET can demand 14 trillion dollars from ALL races, but that’s not racist at all huh?

I’m not bothered by BET.   Hell, I don’t watch it.   It’s “clearly” not for me.

Freedom and Equality for all…………or not?

How can something be racist if one race does it, but it’s not racist if the other race does it?

Some of the hardest laughing I did in my entire life was watching Richard Pryor rip on white people.  He was fucking funny!   As was Eddie Murphy.

I wasn’t offended.

I was NEVER offended.

Not once!

Yet, if I was a WHITE comic that joked about BLACK people like Eddie and Richard………….I feel like the mob would rip me apart.

Seems like reverse racism to me.

Now, we have BLACK LIVES MATTER (you know, the organization that is painted on the street in DC now) telling white women to bend the knee and APOLOGIZE for their white privilege.


If you want to stop racism…………the racism needs to stop from ALL SIDES!

I am getting an incredible amount of emails from companies PANDERING to black people over this.


I’m happy for them that they are finally getting the recognition they long deserved.  And, this movement has absolutely brought police brutality to the forefront and attention.

Very good, because it’s absolutely brutal and it happens because politicians won’t tell you that police forces make HUGE amounts of profit off fining people and pulling people over for speeding and such.

I would love to see that END so police could focus on more serious crimes.

However, I worry about mobs such as this.

Will this end?

Will the protesters accept victory and attempt to be civil now?

(I have seen a lot of civilized black people calling out against the riots, and the hate, and the race wars, so I am not throwing everyone together here.  I’m talking to the guys and gals of all colors who think all whites have some type of “white privilege” and believe that destroying our country is somehow a path to glorious times)

Because when people of this mindset (all colors) fill our streets with protests, block our paths, terrify our citizenry, DEMAND UN-EVEN justice, where does it end?

I’m a small “l” libertarian and the only person I ever cast a vote for in my 40 years of life was Ron Paul.

That is still my one and only vote.

Honestly, I think what the left did to Donald Trump the last 4 years was terrible and unforgivable.

I understand many of you will disagree with me and say that he is worse than the other side.

That’s fine by me.   It’s great to have various opinions on the subject and people looking at all of the things happening from different angles.

It’s easy to see that neither side is going to accept the result of the upcoming election.

Many of you are out protesting justice and want Trump removed, but you are still tribal in that you will do nothing about the crimes committed by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, James Comey, John Brennan, Peter Strozek, Lisa Page, Christopher Steele, Rod Rosenstein, and a whole big cast of deep state actors that have engaged in highly illegal acts or outright lied when political opponents were sent to prison.

Do you want REAL justice for all?

Or simply tribal vengeance?

I ask this simply because the vast majority of us have our own biases.

If you don’t know about any of the crimes above, consider extending your news palate.

If you want my sources, I will send them to you if you message me.

When we talk about “rights”, the founders were brilliant in that they did not want rights to derive from government.   Rights flow from the creator (not specifically Jesus, not specifically God, so it covers all) so that government cannot take your natural rights away from you.

Hopefully, some real reform and good come from the protests.   But, I’m not sure this is the right way to go about it.

These protests are DIVISIVE.

Don’t believe me?

Go look at your social media feed RIGHT NOW.

Want to have some real change happen?

YOU put it on the line.  Let’s say you want to legalize weed in your state.  Have every single pot smoker turn themselves in and get it on film.  This shows a respect for the rule of law and also allows for the very necessary act of challenging a bad law.

If you believe in external solutions, try something like that.

Or, try protesting with a large group in front of the SUPREME COURT.  They ultimately decide what the ultimate laws of the land are.   Have a detailed plan and have everything coordinated and ready to go broadcast wise months or weeks in advance.

Protest them to end IMMUNITY for all government officials.  This is why the slimy Adam Schiff gets away with lying to the media and the people about Donald Trump and cannot be charged with lying because he has something called CONGRESSIONAL IMMUNITY.

Right now, if it wasn’t for the fake covid scare – WATCH JUDY MIKOVITZ, the single biggest and most criminal wealth transfer in the history of mankind, and these protests………..the news would be all about Obama spying on Trump, Clinton being compelled back to court again, and how the Mueller Investigation was a total and complete setup and sham.

This is all out there right now………but the news cycle is being dominated by this stuff instead.

You will find most of the stuff I mention on this page has IMMEDIATE counterpoints when you Google them or you won’t find the information I speak of at all.

You can decide it that’s because I’m wrong or because certain people out there are censoring big time things.

I figure this is one of the few times I’m going to share my viewpoints on a major subject and I just want to make sure some of you are seeing the same news and sources I am as well.


Wrapping up, if we are going to re-start the conversation on justice, there are a lot of white people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden who are victims of the police state as well.

This is BY FAR not the only two.

They are WHITE mind you.

This is not a BLACK or WHITE issue when it comes to overreaching government and police brutality.

I agree with everyone, all around the world, of every color and race that government and the police are long overdue for reform.

I would love to see power decentralized.


A vacuum is going to be created and I do not want it filled with SOCIALISM or even the mixed economy FASCISM we have now.

Those of you who rail against Capitalism are terribly misinformed.

Without capitalism, what will it be?

My Donkey for your Ferrari?

For those who think a barter society will work on a grand scale…………..HAVE FUN!

And, look at all the people that told us to get rid of our guns.

My god.

I want more guns than ever now.  To protect everyone I love and know.  Seeing the breakdown of police departments all across our country right now drives this point home even further.

Canada has been charging each household an extra $1,000 per year to fight Global Warming.

You see, governments around the world keep pulling various scams to get more money from you because they understand they can’t raise taxes on you.  It’s a long rabbit hole, but do some alternative research.

What should I care more about?

Black rights?

Or kids of all colors being molested and having their blood drained (andro-chrome – look it up) by people in high positions of government and celebrity?

I care about both.

All of us are in this together.


Black Lives absolutely matter.

And when movements form for White Lives Matter and Brown Lives Matter and Yellow Lives Matter and on and on and on let’s not call them racist.

It’s certainly freedom. I would prefer the language to be inclusive to all races, (as in……….ALL LIVES MATTER), but I believe in freedom of speech and peaceful assembly as long as you are not blocking the roads or keeping the police up all night harassing them.

Police have families too, you know.

That worry to death about them every single day and every single night during events like this.


Some of you that are out “protesting”………….while people are being told they CANNOT go to their MOM’S FUNERAL………..or see their loved ones in a nursing home……..maybe you will start to wake up to the fact that much of what you have been told is a gigantic lie.

I agree, the system is broken and has been for quite some time.

I want justice for black people.   I want justice for all people.   I’m not racist in who I want justice for.

You don’t have to be either.

But, for all of you social justice warriors……………remember…………..when fighting monsters………’s imperative not to become a monster yourself.

Some of you are failing BADLY.

You don’t have the ability to change your mind as a human because only OUTSIDE INFLUENCES, a book, a magazine, or perhaps this very article MUST do it for you if it can be done at all.

The INFORMATION WARS have begun.

Narrative against Narrative.  Truth vs Propaganda.

Do your best to do your own research and question everything.

— Ringo —

PS.   Anyone is free to agree or disagree with me about this article.  Message me up in a civil tone or comment on my Twitter in a civil tone and I will respond to you if your comment is worth responding to.  If you yell, scream, or seem overly emotional I will delete and/or block you right away.  I only work with adults and that’s my choice.  I leave the children to you!

PSS.   I realize Covid “might” be a real disease though I have serous doubts.  It very much could be be used as a tool to make a coup attempt. However, I firmly believe THE RESPONSE (especially here in the United States) was completely overblown and might have been a tool to (again) try to make the President look bad.  Never let a good crisis go to waste.  Right?

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