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Or, you can contact Monroe Jamison at monroe (@) femalewrestlingchannel (.) com or Johnny Ringo at johnny (@) femalewrestlingchannel (.) com


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  • If you notice potentially illegal content on this website we encourage you to report it immediately.
  • All complaints will be reviewed within a time period of 7 days and we will notify you with a decision or response within that time frame.
  • Monroe Jamison and/or Johnny Ringo will go through your complaint.  If the complaint has to do with either one of us, a 3rd unbiased party can be hired to arbitrate.
  • If any content is deemed illegal, we will take it down immediately and may take further legal actions if the Female Wrestling Channel or it’s customers or ladies are harmed or defamed in any way.
  • If you have a complaint, please use the email address below.  It will go straight to the owner of the company and not through any employees, contractors, or intermediaries.

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