Women who Wrestle - Monroe Jamison - Female Wrestling Channel Champion - 2019

Below is a Women’s Wrestling List of the women who wrestle at the Female Wrestling Channel now or in the past.

Social media links and any content for sale will be listed on each lady’s page.


The vast majority of the women who wrestle above never wrestled a day in their life until Johnny Ringo and/or Monroe Jamison reached out to them to give this a try.

Wrestling is something that most women will never try. No matter if the wrestling is real (like we feature) or scripted (like you see on TV) a good amount of women who wrestle in this world want to be singers, or celebrities, or models, or nurses, but very few of them want to engage in combat against another female.

Thus, we honor these women.

They are rare. They are bold.

Bold enough to try something that very few will.

And, quite beautiful if we do say so ourselves. Quite fierce. Many of these women have friends and family that would have never guessed they tried something as wild, fun, and challenging as competitive women’s wrestling.


Wrestling is a “phase of life” for most women and very few go all the way and be a woman wrestler for the long haul.

And, our style of real and competitive wrestling can be quite scary to NEWBIES and SEASONED VETERANS alike. It’s not often that a pretty girl has to think about taking on another pretty girl in a wrestling match that will be on video forever.  It takes a lot of bravery, and courage, and GUTS to show up to any matchup, let alone matchups over and over again.

To point out again how RARE these women are cannot be understated.

Support and salute the women who make this possible.

Right here at the Female Wrestling Channel.

Do everything you can (ANY financial amount is ok) to keep these fine women on the mats and in the ring.

Show that you support these ladies and any future ladies that want to give our style of wrestling a try by getting a SPONSORSHIP right now or simply purchasing some videos or photos on the website here that you think you might enjoy.  Always keep in mind that any ladies listed on this page can come and go at any minute and a large amount of the women who wrestle on this page will most likely never return.

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