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It’s a very rare thing.

We honor ALL of the women who wrestle on this planet.

The vast majority of women in this world have ZERO to VERY LITTLE interest in wrestling others.

As fans, none of us would know about the absolutely fascinating and sexy Women’s Wrestling scene if it wasn’t for the pioneers who put their bodies and reputations on the line in the ring and on the wrestling mats and for those who follow in their footsteps DAILY as you read this.

The Female Wrestling Channel salutes all the Women Wrestlers around the world and says…..THANK YOU!

Keep going.

Keep being unique.

Fans….these women are rare.

Try to remember to support these ladies when you can.

Remember to say “Thank you”.

Remember to send them a nice, positive note about their most recent match.

Appreciate the rarity of who they are and what they do.

The vast majority of the women on this page have wrestled in REAL and COMPETITIVE Wrestling action on the wrestling mats.

The vast majority of women who are listed on the on the Women who Wrestle for other Companies page have wrestled primarily in the ring.  There are a decent number of the ladies listed, however, who have wrestled in real and competitive matches as well.

If there are certain ladies from the women’s wrestling industry from around the world you would like us to consider adding to the Women Who Wrestle for other Companies page you can contact us using THIS FORM.

If you are looking for more female wrestling profiles you can browse sites such as Fandom, WB270, and Session Girls among others.

Thank you again to all the Women Wrestlers around the world and thank you to the fans who continue to support them!

Many more WOMEN WHO WRESTLE will be added in the coming months and years.

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