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Foxy Rain



Height: 5 foot 4
Weight: 130 pounds
DOB: 1986

Foxy Rain never thought she would be a female wrestler.

She is a former female street fighter who was just trying to survive in the world.

This included a lot of fighting on the streets and a lot of days and nights protecting her younger sister London Rain.

Foxy suddenly noticed that her sister’s best friend from high school, Monroe Jamison, was trying to lure her younger sister London into the company.

Foxy sat on the sidelines and watched until she noticed that Monroe was engaging in a lot of funny business.

For one, she acted as if she didn’t know London at all when London was first introduced on the Channel.  (7, 8)

Foxy continued to watch as she then learned that London was paid off by Monroe to leave the company for good.  (24)

Angered by London’s crushing defeat by the hands of Electra Jamison on Episode 24……….Foxy decided to enter the fray.

She took on Monroe Jamison right off the bat, learned a lot, and hasn’t lost in competitive action every since!

Foxy and Monroe’s feud reached incredible heights as Foxy wanted to claim the FWC turf and sent a message to Monroe by ambushing her on Episode 32.

After defeating Monroe in crushing fashion on Episode 36, and after punching London in the jaw for some unknown reason, Monroe determined that Foxy was out of control.

It was shown later on in Episode 54 that Monroe paid off Foxy’s husband to get her pregnant so she would have to leave the Channel.

Foxy returned after a year absence, without missing a beat, and quickly doled out punishment to Monroe Jamison and Scarlett Squeeze on successive episodes.

Then she was gone again!!

It turns out Foxy was tired of the shenanigans and the double crossing by Monroe Jamison so she moved to Florida to get away.

Things were going fine for Foxy when suddenly Jayde Jamison called her up one day and convinced her to return.

Foxy packed up, moved back to Indiana with her husband and family, only to get thrown in jail 2 days later on Episode 70 along with Jayde Jamison.

Is Foxy Rain really a criminal?

Or, is this yet another setup by Monroe?

One thing is for certain…………..Foxy is boiling with rage and wants her revenge as soon as possible.

When this lady gets out of jail, Monroe better be ready, because Foxy’s complete and total focus will be on one Monroe Jamison.

In real life………………would Foxy Rain return to the FWC?


She has been interested at various different time periods, so time will tell!

How badly would you like to see Foxy on the mats?

CONTACT US to let us know you want to see her again!

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