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School Girl Pin - Introducing Ellcee Marvela - Women's Wrestling Training - 2021

The Female Wrestling Channel

EpisodesPrimarily Real and Competitive – some are Scripted and Predetermined!
ExtrasAll Real and Competitive!
FWC ScriptedAll Scripted and Predetermined!
Mixed WrestlingAll Real and Competitive from the Female Wrestling Channel with the exception of a few – other companies are primarily Scripted and Predetermined!
Sponsored Matches by FansSome Real and Competitive and some are Scripted and Predetermined!
PhotosetsAll Scripted and Predetermined!

The Female Wrestling Channel not only produces our own Women’s Wrestling Matches, but we also offer Videos from other Women Wrestling Producers in this space.

We attempt to negotiate the BEST VIDEO PRICE POSSIBLE on the videos below that are produced by other companies!

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Some are Real and Competitive and some are Scripted and Predetermined!

Melissa vs Man - Cherry Bomb Wrestling

Cherry Bomb Wrestling

All Scripted and Predetermined!

Hanz VanderKill

All Real and Competitive!

Mixed Wrestling Planet Banner

Mixed Wrestling Planet

Selection so far is Semi-Competitive!

Real Rage Wrestling

All Scripted and Predetermined!

Rumble Matreshka and Wrestling Castle

Rumble Matreshka VideosAll Scripted and Predetermined!
Wrestling Castle VideosAll Real and Competitive!

Tanya Danielle

One Scripted Match and one Real and Competitive Match!

Ultimate Women Wrestling

Primarily Scripted and Predetermined with “some” Real and Competitive Matches!

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