#54 - "The Return of Foxy Rain" - Foxy Rain vs Monroe Jamison - (REAL) - 2014

Foxy Rain vs Monroe Jamison

The Return of Foxy Rain!

Twists and turns are “the normal” at the Female Wrestling Channel.

Foxy Rain has been gone for an entire year.

She defeated top woman Monroe Jamison on Episode 36, and has not been seen since!


What happened?

This episode tells why.

But, even bigger story is the fact that these two ladies are arguably………. the TWO BEST……… to ever step on the Female Wrestling Channel mats.

Foxy decides to challenge Monroe in this episode.

Can Foxy still compete at the same level after being gone a whole year and having a baby?

What we can tell you, is that these two women brought it like always, and the winner wasn’t decided until the final fall!

Real Women’s Wrestling!


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#54 – “The Return of Foxy Rain” – Foxy Rain vs Monroe Jamison


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