Re-Sell your Women’s Wrestling Videos on the Female Wrestling Channel

April Hunter vs Christie Ricci - Vintage Match! - Pro Women's Wrestling from the Past!
  • You can host your videos, photosets, interviews, or articles FOR SALE OR FOR FREE on the Female Wrestling Channel.
  • Your content will be promoted alongside ours in our newsletter, social networks, and on industry message boards.
  • You keep 60 percent, we keep 40 percent. You can host it or we can host it. If we host your video, we provide a download AND a streaming link of your video for our customers so cell phone users can easily watch as well.
  • We will need an account and routing number to pay you OR an alternative digital method.  We will pay once a month on the 15th or we can pay you when your account hits a certain financial threshold, your choice at the moment.
  • Our customers can currently check out with Apple Pay, Stripe, Venmo, CC Bill or Crypto Currency. You will always know when a sale is made as you can log in to this website anytime you wish and view your stats and you get an automated email anytime a sale is made on this website with your content.
  • If you are an industry producer, your account will be set to where you can see the customer info each time for your own records and marketing.
  • We would strongly recommend letting us give a 10 percent discount to monthly members of this website and a 25 percent discount to lifetime members.  These are generally big time fans that will appreciate the discount and will most likely make both of us more sales because of it.
  • No content with nudity will be permitted UNLESS we put it in our private area.
  • We offer a money back guarantee on all of our videos.  Very rarely does anyone take advantage of this as most people tend to be honest folks  When chargebacks do occur, we will simply contact you and let you know it will be taken out of a future commission.
  • We run coupon specials every month or so to get new and old customers purchasing content.  You can choose to opt in or opt out when we run coupon specials.  We recommend opting in.  Because we have a checkout system on the site, fans tend to buy multiple items at once, ESPECIALLY, if they are getting a discount.
  • We put out a download or two for free every single moth for those who join and stay on our newsletter.  We highly recommend offering a couple of your videos for free so people can see what you are all about.  Feel free to join our newsletter yourself

Want To Get Started With Us?

Do you have an easy way for us to get access to your content?

If not, simply send us 2 to 3 downloads to begin of videos that you want to start on our website or go ahead and send us all of them!

If you want us to pick out some videos on your website that we would like to start with, that’s fine too!

Things To Keep In Mind If You Want To Send Us Content Right Now:

  • no nudity
  • must be female wrestling related
  • please let me know if each video is REAL AND COMPETITIVE or SCRIPTED AND PREDETERMINED
  • send along preview videos if you have them for each piece of content
  • send pictures if you have them (if not, we will cut 7 for each video)
  • send the description for each video if you have it
  • Height, Weight, Ages of the Ladies at the time of the video and any tidbits, stories, or helpful information about the video will help sales

There is no contracts or special paperwork for this.

We do all of the posting for you.

And, if you can make us a username and password to download your content that is suitable for the site we will do all of the above for you on your behalf!

All of our agreements will be through email and you can have your videos removed anytime you wish and we reserve the right to do the same for whatever reason may arise.

Send videos to me via email at or you can give me a call or text at 765-505-2093.

Looking forward to working and growing with you!

– Ringo –

RAGE - Jaslyn vs Jessica
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