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Smart and Sassy - Sasha Subdue vs Sassy Kae - Real Women's Wrestling Photoshoot -The Female Wrestling Channel


  • Our wrestling is unique in that we teach you real and effective wrestling moves that are female centric and generally used more by females than males.
  • You can be trained on our style of basic moves within 45 minutes!  The vast majority of the ladies you see on our website did not wrestle a day in their life before we contacted them.
  • We understand you most likely are “NOT A WRESTLER”. However, every single woman who has ever worked here in the 10 years we have been doing this barely had any wrestling experience AT ALL when they first came on. You can (and will) learn our moves very quickly!
  • You can keep this side job your entire life as long as you show up when you are scheduled.
  • We are currently located in Lafayette Indiana, but we travel all over the United States.


  • We will pay you $250 for you to make your filmed debut with us.
  • You must block out 3 hours for a photoshoot, a training video where we teach you our moves, and then you will do a short match with a lady that will wrestle with you in live action to see how well you learned the moves.
  • We will post the photoshoot, your introducing video, and your match on this website to get fans more interested in you and sponsoring you so you can start making really great money via working with us!


After your Debut….every Single Time we Work with you…..Your Pay Increases!

  • 1st time: $100 – (Your first Photoshoot or Scripted Match)
    2nd time: $150
    3rd time: $200
    4th time: $250
    5th time: $300
    6th time: $350
    7th time: $400
    8th time: $450
    9th time: $500
    10th time: $600 – (before match 11 we can negotiate your pay even higher going forward)
  • COMPETITIVE – (REAL) – MATCHES – FEMALE VS FEMALE:  – (First number is if you WIN, second number is if you lose or draw!)
  • 1st time: $300-$200
    2nd time: $400-$250
    3rd time: $500-$250
    4th time: $600-$300
    5th time: $700-$400
    6th time: $800-$450
    7th time: $900-$450
    8th time: $1000-$500
    9th time: $1200-$600
    10th time: $1400-$700
  • Offense/Defense – You will get to attack the male and he will only get to be on defense and not attack you.  $100 for each fall you win and $50 for each fall you fail to pin or tap your opponent. – (MAX 5 FALLS = $500 if you win all 5 falls and $250 if you lose/draw all 5 falls)
    Competitive Matches – $200 for each fall you win and $100 per fall you lose or draw. – (MAX 5 FALLS = $1000 if you win all 5 falls and $500 if you lose/draw all 5 falls)
  • WRESTLE CHATS WITH FANS:  Once you are an official wrestler with us you can offer text, phone, or video calls to our 10 year + fan base.  Many of them will pay up to $100 or more PER HOUR to talk to ladies like yourself about wrestling and life in general.  This can be very profitable and you get to keep all the money and deal directly with our fan base if you choose to offer these.  If you have Onlyfans or any type of other side services you offer, you are free to offer the services to our fans at any time as well.
  • PROMOTING YOUR LIMITED MATCHES AND CONTENTEverything you shoot with us will only have 100 limited and rare copies. In many cases, each copy is going to go for a good amount of money if people like you and want to see more of you.  If you want to make the maximum money possible, we can make you a link, and when you promote your matches, you will make 20 Percent profits on any business you send to our site.  Keep in mind we also have well over 500+ other videos, photos, and content on the website that you will make 20 percent on as well if people use your link. This is has very profitable for ladies who have pushed their link!  You can easily make thousands a month doing this if you work hard at it.  You can make more money in your pajamas than by doing anything else on this page once you are an approved wrestler. This could be an extremely profitable option if you have a large (or small) social media following as you can start generating big money immediately. Payouts occur every time you hit $100 in sales. You can log into the site anytime you wish to check your numbers and you get an automatic email every single time a sale happens on the website. (use your own social media or create a new one for the character we create for you here!)
  • IF YOU BECOME THE FEMALE WRESTLING CHANNEL CHAMPION: Your pay on everything above DOUBLES. EVERY single time you work with us while being the reigning champion. You must defend the title at least once every 90 days or the title will go vacant and a new tournament will be formed to determine the new champion.
  • MAKING THE BIG MONEY – REVENUE SPLIT MATCHES:  After debuting and fully completing one competitive match, each lady will have the option to do a revenue split match where the winner gets 40 percent of the revenue, the loser gets 30 percent, and we keep 30 percent as a company.  The minimum amount of money you will make on these could be anywhere from $2500 to $5000 once the copies are sold out.  You will also get long term royalties if fans re-sell their access rights to someone else. Each time these sell out, we will attempt to get your revenue higher and higher. You must help us sell all 100 copies before we can shoot your next one, but these will be very high revenue and give you something to work on if you need some fast and big money.


  • We will invite you to work together once or maybe twice a month at the most for 2-4 hours each time.  This is a side gig where you can make really good money for very little time expended and still keep your normal job or line of work.
  • You will not go by your real name when you work with us.  We will work with you to choose a character name that we both like.
  • When we are shooting your phone needs to be off, you need to be focused, and we will be pushing to get as much done as possible to make you the most amount of money possible based on your energy that day.
  • We do not not provide makeup, hair, or wardrobe in most cases. On outfits, we generally prefer booty or boy shorts that show off your curves and some type of sports bra, though we encourage you to be creative with the look you want to create for yourself.
  • Women of all shapes, sizes, income levels, social media levels, backgrounds, ethnicity, and age (over 18) are free to fill out our questionnaire below to participate.
  • You always get PAID IN FULL SAME DAY we see you unless agreed otherwise beforehand.
  • You were invited to this page because we think there is a good chance our fans and your fans will purchase your limited and rare matches. To qualify for each pay level bump above, ourselves, your opponent, and you must work together to sell out all 100 copies before you move to the next pay level. 
  • About Us – HERE
  • See a list of the wrestling moves we use and the current match rules – HERE

or text 765-505-2093 if you want us to interview you through phone, video, or text.

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