Santana Garrett

Santana Garrett

Santana Garrett came from a family where her father was a grappler.

The name of her father is “TNT” Kenny Garrett.

Otherwise, known as Kenny G.

We wonder if it was obvious to some that EVEN at a young age…..that this young girl would become a 100 percent real Woman’s Wrestler.

Considering all the names that Santana has used over her career:

  • The Next Big Thing
  • Supernatural Superhero – (WOW)
  • Santana G
  • Brittany – (TNA)
  • Santana Wonder
  • The Midwest Sweetheart

It’s pretty darn cool that the name that “stuck” with her is the one with the same last name as her father.

Standing at 5’5 inches tall with a billed weight of 119lbs, she looks much more strong and powerful than most opponents and it’s very likely that those very same opponents would agree!

Santana Garrett would be excellent at our style of REAL and COMPETITIVE wrestling holds on the Female Wrestling Channel mats.

Especially the Bodyscissors and Headscissors submissions respectively.

In terms of moves she uses in the Pro Wrestling Ring, Santana has often employed the following women’s wrestling moves:

  • The Shining Star Press – Supernatural Moonsault
  • Bulldog
  • Crossface Chickenwing
  • Pantera Headscissors

Wrestling promotions have thought enough about her that she has earned the WOW Women’s Championship, the NWA World Championship, the Shine Championship, the Shine Tag Team Championship, and the Wonder of Stardom Championship.

Keep in mind, the list of championships above is not even CLOSE to all of the championships she has won since first starting.

Here are some of the Pro Wrestling Companies you may have seen Santana Garrett work for:

  • WWE – (NXT)
  • Coastal Championship Wrestling – (CCW)
  • IWA Mid South
  • Orlando Pro Wrestling
  • American Pro Wrestling Alliance
  • Belleview Pro Wrestling
  • Championship Wrestling Entertainment – (CWE)
  • Conquer Pro Wrestling
  • Global Force Wrestling
  • Jersey Championship Wrestling
  • Masters of Ring Entertainment
  • National Wrestling Alliance – (NWA)
  • Nova Pro Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling 2.0
  • Revolution Championship Wrestling – (RCW)
  • Ring Warriors
  • Riot Pro Wrestling
  • Shine Wrestling
  • Southern Championship Wrestling
  • USA Pro Wrestling
  • USA Wrestling Alliance
  • Wrestling Superstar
  • UWW Wrestling – (BELOW)

It’s been listed that Santana’s favorite women wrestlers include Sable, Trish Stratus, and Victoria.

It’s extremely possible that if Santana sticks to Pro Wrestling that she could achieve the same heights (or even higher) of the women she admires as her predecessors.

Santana Garrett has faced off with ladies in the ring including:

  • Jessika Haze
  • Rosie Lottalove
  • Jillian Hall
  • Leva Bates
  • Mercedes Martinez
  • Taeler Hendrix
  • Barbi Hayden
  • La Negra Rose
  • Melanie Cruise
  • Brooke Tessmacher
  • Madison Rayne
  • and more!

In recent years, fans have seen Santana wrestle for the likes of WOW Women’s Wrestling, she even had a REAL wrestling match against another woman at a company called Freshfite, and she is currently signed to a developmental deal and recently made her debut on WWE Raw months before the time of this writing.

Santana Garrett is seemingly open minded and perhaps not as scared of controversy as the average girl.

Evidence of this is her willingness to try REAL Women’s Wrestling matches (most “Pros” won’t) and she even debuted in TNA Wrestling in a sexy bi-sexual storyline angle.

Women who push the envelope like Santana have the ability to make it far in the Women’s Wrestling business.

Buy Videos of Santana Garrett Wrestling Below!

Amber O'Neal vs Santana Garrett - Women's Pro Wrestling - Ultimate Women's Wrestling

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