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THE RINGO LETTERS #3 - The Value of Time 1


The Value of Time!

If you watch the full length or preview video for Episode 51 – Scissor Quest – You will notice that at the very beginning of the video where I post a very cryptic image of a clock with the words “The Time is Short” on the top of the brick building.

With this in mind, this was a reminder to myself, my ladies, and our fans, that in life, “The Time is Short”.


Some of us quest our whole lives for love.

Maybe friendship.

Maybe money.


If a billionaire knew he was dying, and could purchase 1 more minute of life, or say, 1 more hour of life, let’s say, 1 more day, or even 1 more year, how much do you think the dollar amount for that would be to “buy more time”?

I would be willing to bet the billionaire would give most or all of that money away!

Would This Not Constitute The Idea That Nothing Is More Important Than Our Time?

Which “Jimmy” do you think is happier in one of these two scenarios?

1.   Jimmy cleans his room, fixes his food, washes his dishes, cleans his car, does the laundry, handles all the emails for his company, handles all the business production, essentially, he does everything and has very little time.

2.  Jimmy pays to have his house cleaned, pays to have his food cooked and prepared, pays someone to clean his car, pays someone to handle customer service, pays someone to handle production, and then goes and creates more value, and for himself, by freeing up his time to work on projects that he is the best (and most productive) at.

Now, of course, I did a little bit of “swelling” in scenario number 2 to illustrate my point.

Who is the dumb dumb and who is the genius in this scenario?

Who most likely has a better quality of life?

Who “helped” more people?

Who would you prefer to throw your lot in with?

Are you going to perform your own heart surgery?

Or, are you going to pay someone that is competent to do it?

What Is Your Time Worth?

Why not go start your own female wrestling company?

Go ahead and learn everything from scratch.

Some very quick notes about me:

I literally have about 100 things on my plate.

I’m trying to recruit new ladies.

I’m attempting to add more moves, while still making things safe and sexy.

I’m working on spreading the word every single day about our little gold nugget of a female wrestling venture we have here.

Yet, I can’t outsource what I know until I know what I know AND know that which I don’t know!

(Get that?)

Rough Translation:  I continue to try to make better use of my TIME!

There is much about the craft that I’m learning and even developing as I go.

For instance, I’m looking into finally doing some events here and there, maybe a meet and greet with fans.

I’m plotting and planning on how to get celebrities involved.

(Paging Charisma Carpenter)

I’m studying, working, studying, working, and every single bit of study is about this business and how to make it better and better.

My friends don’t even call anymore.

What friends?

You don’t have a lot of “hang out time” when all your energy and focus is on building your dream.

There is no time to get drunk and wasted the entire next day when you have a task list FULL of things to do, improve, study, and embark upon.

I ask you to do the same in your life until you get to where you want to be.


My friends are the fans of the Female Wrestling Channel.

Those with common interests.

Common goals.

You guys keep me going every single day.

Even when it’s tough!

So, I want to hear from YOU.

Here is my question:

What Is The Best Use Of YOUR Time On A Daily Basis?

Are you building something?

Helping someone build something?

Are you done with all of that?

Just starting?

Don’t know where to begin?

Feel free to contact me at anytime at and let me know your business aspirations and what you want to spend more time on.

I will help if you are reading this because you are a customer and a potential FRIEND.

As for my time and things I’m wanting to improve on… is a list of things I want to add to the Female Wrestling Channel in the coming years:

  • A really good desktop computer.  We want to use this to burn DVD’s, edit videos faster (currently doing it on a laptop), and generally, we just need a more high powered machine to take care of a lot of the things we are going to be throwing at this said new machine once acquired.
  • Totally 100 percent Mobile PPV.  I will need the computer mentioned above, but anywhere I travel in the world, that has a high speed internet connection, I will be able to tune FWC fans in live, where we are at, from anywhere in the world.  This is going to be so much fun….
  • Really high quality photo printer for autographs.   If we do everything here, we can get them out fast, fast, fast!
  • As much as some fans may not like it, I want to find some small, not bulky, knee and elbow pads, potentially ankle and elbow as well, for the ladies in our wrestling matches starting on Chapter 3.  There have been too many ladies that have ripped their knees apart on our mats, and the main two areas that are the worst, every match, are the elbows and knees.   I see no reason for these women to have long term injuries, or scarring, (for your entertainment purely) when they can still look sexy, and be protected, if we can find the right pads that don’t make them look like football players out there.
  • I need a new camera.  Most productions use 2 cameras and they record the audio separate.  I have never done this, and thus, there is a “gonzo” feel to some of our productions for lack of a better word.  I am going to need this new camera for 2 things.  Scene shooting, and then for live PPV. During the match, I will still have my single camera, jumping around like a monkey on the mat getting as the best shots I can of the action.
  • An always ready stock of bananas due to my monkeyness and newfound jumping abilities I’ve attained being the cameraman for the majority of the episodes.
  • A psychologist on hand 24/7 for all…..just kidding.   NONE of us could afford this!   🙂
  • 5 1/2 foot long by 7 1/2 foot high plywood pieces, that I am going to put on rollers, and then use to take with us when we travel, or primarily, to use at times when we shoot. This is so we can make our front room one solid room rather than getting background things into the scenes. This will be useful for travel, as we will be shooting at fan’s homes, and other places, where we might need to cover up some of the background stuff and might use the huge plywood space for announcements or to do shoutouts to various fans and causes during our episodes.   (Challenge is… do we travel with these?)

That’s Not All, But Enough For Now!

I’m looking at probably around $3,000 to $5,000 to make this happen depending on how creative I can be with my purchases.

Everything I do here is for YOUR enjoyment.

Remember this!  

Now Listen Up Sparky!

There is only one of me.   Only one of you.

The most valuable thing in your life is YOUR TIME.

You better ask that girl out.   

You better start that business.   

You need to get moving.



Messages go straight to me.

— Ringo —

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