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Last Update by Johnny Ringo:  5-3-21

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You will see two sections below.

PENDING projects which have not yet been completed and COMPLETED projects which will be projects we move from pending to completed.


  • Our first NFT is being created for Lifetime Legacy Members by the end of this month.  Fun part will be teaching you all how to claim it!   🙂
  • Bringing INDUSTRY PRODUCERS AND FANS into the Female Wrestling Channel umbrella. I would like to see our mats and dividers all over the world.  Many of our fans want to start their own wrestling companies and many of the producers and models in this business could use a stronger, more unified identity company wise. They can continue operations for their current companies if they wish, but they could also shoot for us part time or full time. The only way fans are going to be able to do this is by investing in the company or by becoming a Lifetime Legacy Member and this requirement will hold for models/producers as well.  The equity and Lifetime Legacy Member spots are going to eventually run out, most likely this year.  ESTIMATED COSTS TO BE INVOLVED:  Around $6000 to $10,000
  • Our new sponsorship system is “close” to being ready to go after years of trial and error.  The basic concept is that it will be $27 to sponsor a lady for a matchup.  For every 100 fans she gets to sponsor her, she will receive a $1000 bonus. This will give the ladies incentive to get as many fans as possible sponsoring them for their matchups. At this time, you will receive a 2 month membership (or extension) and if you are a Lifetime Legacy Member you will receive a full $27 credit each time.  The system might change slightly, if I can find a better perk.  But, the cost structure should remain the same.  This is a system I want to extend to other producers and models around the globe once we get the payments situation figured, which is outlined above.  The main thing that is missing here is an additional “perk” or “hook” for the $27 investment.  Autographs are too expensive and would kill the investment cost due to shipping.  However, I have some ideas on this I’m trying out as we speak that might be the “final hook” I’m looking for.
  • Monroe Jamison and I are working on getting on many new social media platforms that don’t censor viewpoints they don’t agree with.  Many of these platforms pay you to post and participate and that’s a nice touch that we like. We will be posting the new list as a Ringo Letter by the end of May.
  • There are 11 remaining spots – at 1 percent a piece – left for the public to invest in the Female Wrestling Channel.  Shares are $5000 a piece.  Once these 13 spots are gone we will no longer be offering investment in the company again going forward in terms of equity unless we go public.
  • There are 20 remaining spots – at 1 percent a piece – left for the public to invest in my new side project The Women’s Wrestling Channel.  It will feature more risque elements and we will be working with producers remotely and paying them a handsome sum to film high grade matches between ladies with big followings in real wrestling or catfighting action. The action will most likely be nude and it will not be crypto only unless we are forced to do so.  At this time, it’s the world’s first cryptocurrency only Women’s Wrestling website, but the advertising on the site has been minimal so this most likely will not be the direction, but it will most likely be an additional option.  Prices per share are $2500 a piece and no further investments in the company going forward will take place unless the company eventually goes public.
  • There are 47 remaining spots at the time of this writing for Lifetime Legacy Membership.  If you read my recent letter on THE FUTURE OF MIXED WRESTLING you will notice I mentioned that Mixed Wrestling is not scalable in my view.  As much as I truly would love to serve the thousands of you that are out there, I simply am not going to be able to do so long term.  Therefore, and I know a LOT of people are not going to take this seriously at the moment, but once this opportunity goes away you are going to be very, very sorry you did not do this.  Not sales, not hype, I’m just giving you the straight facts.  Because Lifetime Legacy Membership is somewhat like a marriage, we like to know get to know the people who want to be a part and ensure you will be a good long term fit for us and us for you. I am backed up on applications at this moment, but I would recommending applying while you still can.  Once these spots are gone, they are gone. If you want to one of the final spots, FILL OUT THE FORM ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.
  • THE EPISODES – Monroe and I have been needing to film Episode 80 for quite some time, but we have been waiting to get a better sense of things going forward before doing so.  I imagine will we film Episode 80 to set up future Episodes sometime this year.  The main challenge with the Episodes is that women are very transient and we were not paying high amounts for those Episodes as we were just starting out.  We are going to need to plot out maybe 5 Episodes at a time, get the ladies hired in advance, and then we can shoot some really exciting action interlaced with story.  The Episodes will primarily feature REAL and COMPETITIVE wrestling, but the story will depend on who wins and loses in terms of where it goes.  Each Episode will have predetermined forks we will go in depending on who wins.  My goal here is to find 5-10 ladies in advance, pay them an advance with a contract to be a part, and then we pick out a few weeks where everyone gets together in one area and we get everything shot until finished.  The goal will be to do different arches on different ladies (and stories) and then tie them all together later in the coming years through comics and/or future Episodes.  ESTIMATED COSTS FOR 5 EPISODES:  $25,000 – $50,000


  • Website transferred to a new host that is ok with adult content nude or non-nude.  And, it’s faster and more affordable per year than our previous host.  CHECK OUT SITEGROUND
  • Got a business bank account that approved our account at the Female Wrestling Channel.  You might consider using the company to send us money transfers back and forth at the best rates possible internationally.  You can get a personal bank account and a business bank account with this company and everything is completely online.  I’m still looking for backups, but I do like this company for now.  SIGN UP FOR FREE WITH WISE.
  • Got all of the trailer videos on the site on the decentralized video site LBRY so they won’t get taken down for the umpteenth time.  They have all been embedded into the site as well.  Just in case, they will still be backed up on other video sites that are friendly to our content in addition.
  • The Female Wrestling Channel Interview page has been updated.  A big struggle we had for the longest time was how to pay ladies of different skill levels and followings. How do you properly valuate pay for ladies of different social media or celebrity levels?  We finally created a system where the lady can make extremely good money on a competitive matchup if she is willing to promote it.  The more fans or followers she has, the more she can potentially make.  You can see our interview page HERE and you are free to send it to ANY lady in the industry or outside of it who you think would be a good fit.
  • Currently seeking a new hosting provider for our videos on the website.  HALF-COMPLETE.   Our videos are going to be hosted on multiple hosts over the year to ensure they can never go down easily.  I have someone that is going to be working on this weekly until complete.
  • New Merchant Providers have approved us and will be on the site soon for processing.
  • We have moved to a new location where we can begin producing again.  Expect to see new matches sometime in May or June!!
  • Instead of purchasing new mats and dividers, I repaired our old ones.  They are ready to rock and roll once more.

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