FAN SERIES - Featuring Tom 1

Baby Boomer Comes To Do Battle Against Young Millennials!

Will Age Or Beauty Win The Day?

Tom comes to us from Cincinnati Ohio and is a big fan of competitive wrestling.

When it comes to female vs female, he is not a fan of scripted endings.

He likes the action REAL and COMPETITIVE!

When ladies take him on, they find out quickly that he is a strong man.

“Cincy Tom” won’t simply let them win……….just because they are PRETTY!

He wants and EXPECTS them to be able to win!

Tom is a seemingly nice guy who always keeps us smiling and laughing on his visits.

He also has a habit of bringing fantastic tasting chocolate of various sorts, which always gets him on the good side of the ladies immediately.

  • Tom lives in Ohio and drives to Indiana to see us
  • Tom was born in 1951.  He is 5’10” tall and weighs 177lbs currently
  • Tom is a big fan of college football and basketball.  When it comes to professional sports, he is a big fan of the Cincinnati Bengals (he attended their very first game back in 1968 and saw them at the Superbowl in Pontiac Dome in 1982) and is an avid fan of the Cincinnati Reds……….especially back in the “Big Red Machine” days as some of you may remember
  • Tom’s favorite TV shows include:  24, Lost, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead
  • Tom loves to listen to rock (made many years before his opponents at FWC were born) from the sixties, seventies and eighties like Chicago, Four Seasons, Moody Blues
  • Who are Tom’s favorite ladies at the time of this writing?   Callisto Strike, Monroe Jamison, Angelina Edge, and Buffy Ellington who all have tangled with him in various competitive matches thus far


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