THE RINGO LETTERS – #6 – A Guide for Talking to Women Wrestlers on the Internet

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(The Ringo Letters are the sole view of Johnny Ringo, the owner of the Female Wrestling Channel, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the females that work for this company currently or in the recent past. The Ringo Letters are to serve as a vehicle for Johnny’s thoughts at a given time on FWC related subjects)

pictured:   left – Monroe Jamison – right – Scarlett Squeeze
THE RINGO LETTERS - #6 - A Guide for Talking to Women Wrestlers on the Internet 1

  • Almost every lady in this industry is busy all the time.
  • Why do ladies wrestle in the first place?
  • Staying on Topic.
  • Communication is Key.
  • Compliments and Dialogue.

I’m going to relate this guide to our ladies here at the Female Wrestling Channel and also the overall female wrestling world in general.

Almost Every Single Female Wrestler In The Industry Is Busy All The Time!

Women wrestlers get ALL KINDS of messages from ALL KINDS of people from ALL WALKS of life.

If the woman wrestler has been doing this for any period of time, they have 50-100-1000-10000 unanswered messages right now.

Some of these women wrestlers have kids.

Some work full time jobs.

Some go to school.

Some have boyfriends, husbands, people they are dating, family, and of course the everyday errands that ALL OF US have to attend to.

The first key to interacting with any female wrestler is understanding that her time is valuable AND she eventually is only going to give her time to those who support her financially.

This is important and key.

She has many, many, many fans.

There is not enough time in the day to respond to all of them.

The only way is to have a man or woman RESPOND AS THEM and most of you don’t like the idea of that, nor do we as it’s not genuine.

Understanding that she is very busy is key to gaining her trust and respect.

Please do not email her and ask why she did not get back right away UNLESS she has business to complete with you that you paid money for.

Which leads to….

Why Do Ladies Wrestle In The First Place?


To increase feelings of self-worth.

To get in shape or learn a new skill.

But, what makes it really worth it?


And DO NOT damn them for it.

All of us need money to survive.

Pay our bills.

Advance forward.

Wrestling is a very TOUGH profession.

The vast majority of women in this world have NO interest in wrestling for ANY amount of money.

Fighting other females is against the biology of most women.

If you are a man or a woman would you want to go and wrestle your heart out on camera without getting compensated for it OR without having a goal of future compensation for it?

Or, what of any possible future wear and tear on the body?

The majority of styles of women wrestling in the world are both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY challenging for too many reasons to list in this one article.

80-90 percent of the ladies who first get started in this type of business do not get into this business because they “love” wrestling other women.

The Love of Wrestling is something that comes with EXPERIENCE and more importantly….SUCCESS!

It should not be expected of the lady on Day 1 or even Year 1.

The love grows with the validation, appreciation, and FINANCIAL advancement.

Something all of us desire from every single country on this earth.

The majority of the ladies who give this a shot will never make it.

Not because they are not beautiful, or not talented enough, but because they have to deal with the public for the very first time in a way many have never dealt with the public before.

Many fans ask these ladies on dates or offer to pay them to participate in fetish type things.

It’s a large world and everyone has their tastes.

Some ladies like these things, but most ladies are a little weirded out by it, if not a LOT.

So, it’s a delicate balance.

I feel MOST ladies primary biology is wrapped in thoughts of fear and security.

Being financially successful and being validated helps in both of these realms.

Validation means sending the ladies nice messages.

Good job!

Keep going!

And, even more slightly detailed messages (not long ones!) that are helpful and encouraging once you get to know the girl and how she responds to your messages.

If you want her attention, give a little to get a little.

Not only are you investing in a PERSON you like, but you get to talk to someone who encompasses what you love, and I think that’s really cool WIN/WIN relationship.

Staying On Topic!

Keep it topical and preferably ABOUT WRESTLING.

I would recommend letting the lady do 80 percent of the talking in real life situations with normal ladies and with ladies who are in the women’s wrestling world.

If she is not responding to your messages I would recommend asking a question or ending with a call to action.

Most ladies are not going to respond to topics involving philosophy, politics, or religion.

Try to be funny, but try to avoid sarcasm with ladies you don’t know ESPECIALLY through text.

Say something nice about the lady or one of her matches.

If you are buying some skype or phone chat time with them, by all means tell them some fun or interesting personal stories about yourself.

Simply keep in mind that “time is money” in your job and it is the same in theirs.

Thus, they probably will not be able to talk to you for very long if you are not doing some type of business with them and supporting them in some fashion.

They will be looking for people who WANT to do business and support them and please do not blame them for that.

Communication Is Key!

It doesn’t matter if a woman is working full time or part time at this business.

In both cases, she is very much depending on the money she makes.

This is something that I have seen a lot on both sides.

Sometimes the ladies get screwed over.

Sometimes the fans get screwed over.

Many us will say that this is simply life.

However, we should define what “screwed over” really means.

I take it in the context of paying for something and then NEVER receiving it.

I take in the context of making an agreement to do something then ghosting yourself when it comes time to fulfill the agreement.

There are no doubt strange and weird circumstances that fills each and everyone of our lives.


Communication is Key!!

If you can’t do something, please communicate.

No matter if you are a lady or one of the fans or one of the producers of this industry.

It’s not always easy, but it’s something that has to be given more attention to by everyone involved.

Compliments And Dialogue!

I am of a strong opinion not to compliment women on their appearance I don’t know personally until certain conditions are met when it comes to women I’m trying to date.


In the context of women’s wrestling, the women’s self-esteem and confidence, I do think it’s important that they be lifted up with positive words about their performance from time to time and I think it’s ok to let them know they looked sexy or good in a recent match.

As long as it’s done in a nice way.

And, because I know it’s a super deep BIOLOGICAL URGE for guys to compliment women some times…..I understand that SOMETIMES……you simply MUST compliment the woman on her appearance…..logic be damned!!

Some Scenarios:

SCENARIO A:  Hey, you are so F-ING hot! I just went wild in my shorts right now!  Wow, wow, wow!
SCENARIO B:  Hey there, you really rocked that one piece swimsuit.  Reminds me of the GLOW days and I very much think you could have been one of their girls!

SCENARIO A:  (INSERT WRESTLER NAME) is such a better wrestler than you.  You could never beat her!
SCENARIO B:  I was thinking a cool matchup would be YOU vs (INSERT WRESTLER NAME). I would help fund it if this is something you would be interested in?

SCENARIO A: I would beat you in a mixed match!  A woman cannot beat a man!  hahaha
SCENARIO B: I’m having a hard time believing that women can defeat men like you say.  Please take no offense.  Could you direct me to some videos I could purchase to find out for myself?

To be clear, there are exceptions to every single rule in the world.

You can decide if you want to be guy “A” or guy “B” above and see what kind of responses you get.

You will probably get way more success with option “B”.

Just do your best and try to be polite and respectful.

Where To Find Wrestling Ladies To Message!

Most of the time, you can type in the ladies name you want to message into Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The majority of our girls respond the best through their fan pages if you use the “Send Message” button on the page “if” they are still active.

Some ladies out there still respond to emails as well.

You can sometimes find a woman’s email by either Googling her or looking through her “About” sections on her social media accounts or through some of her postings where she might have posted her email.

Some ladies do not respond at all.

Keep in mind that many of the ladies in this business are not full time.

And, if they are full time, they might have more messages than they have time to handle.

In Closing!

I hope one or more of these tips helps a little bit if you happen to contact a female wrestler.

Understand her time constraints.

Also, understand that you can’t rely on all the other female wrestling fans to do all the funding for you.

You are an individual that is sovereign and you can move the world just as much as any of us if you choose to do so.

Most ladies get into this to make a quick buck.

Not all of them mind you.

But, the majority of women do this for money and I’m trying to make them as MUCH money as possible.

I hope you help me in this journey.


“Love” is a seed that must be watered if you want it to grow!

— Ringo —

REVISED:  October 3rd 2019

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