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Monogamy OR Not?


Monogamy OR Not?

I’m going to delve away from wrestling today.

Definition of Monogamy:
When a man and a woman in a relationship are not physically sexual in any way with anyone else other than each other.

My girlfriend and I have been together for roughly 10 years come early 2021.

One question we get asked often is when we are going to get married or when we are going to have kids.

People are often shocked when we proclaim that we are interested in neither.

There are 7 billion people in the world and we simply don’t feel the need to add to the gene pool.

“Marriage” is a religious ceremony and we are not religious in the traditional sense.

When you are married, your marriage is controlled by the government.

Consenting adults are advised to lock each other into contracts.

Trust is thrown out the door.

Personal freedom suddenly becomes a distant memory.

In short, you subjugate your rights of being a man and commander of his own destiny.

When It Comes to Your Sexual Freedom As A Man – Do You Embrace It Or Just “Wish” About It?

Generally and biologically, men prefer to have sex with more than one woman in a relationship scenario.

Women generally prefer to para-bond with one man.

Generally speaking, for a period of maybe 3-5 years.

Stated differently.

Men prefer Variety.

Women prefer the security of ONE.

Exceptions to every rule.  But, this is most people on both sides.

– Many of you will exchange happiness for duty.
– Maybe it scares you silly to talk to your significant other about these issues.
– Maybe your husband, wife, or kid is disabled.
– Maybe your Mom lives with you.
– Maybe you have a lot of kids.
– Maybe you can’t fathom the thought of the little ones thinking “Mom and Dad” desire other people sexually.

Honesty is integral in BUSINESS and in RELATIONSHIPS.

Consider your sexual partner at this moment or your last one.

You expect them to be largely truthful and honest with you.

I know this.


Can you do this in return?

Can you be the type of man who can LOVE someone, yet SOMETIMES have sex with other people?   (LUST)


You might be thinking.


The societal programming we are up against is quite strong.

How is an over 60% divorce rate in most cities or a 70% to 77% infidelity rate in most long-term marriages “the right choice”?

The majority of the world engaged in polygamy and it was the “normal” in this world for thousands of years.

This is where there was one husband and many wives.

The Muslims who make up over 1 billion of the world’s population still practice it.

I am not recommending Polygamy.

Multiple wives in one house?

Oh fuck no.

I’m recommending Non-Monogamy ONLY to men who can handle it and do it properly.

This is not the majority of you and it’s only a small percentage of you most likely.


Cheating And Not Telling The Truth Are The Primary Killer Of All Relationships!

I had to once tell my girlfriend……….


I don’t want to be the type of guy that cheats on you.

I desire other women from time to time.

However, I want to be with you as long as possible and learn and grow together.

And we have.

And, it’s not been easy for my girlfriend.

This is a very hard concept for women to grasp.

They are seeking THE ONE in most cases.

Guys with very little sexual experience seek THE ONE as well………….until they get it.

Then, over time, they want to have sex with other women because their biology DEMANDS it.

This is something women will continue not to understand about the majority of men in this world.

Guys who have this information rule the roost.

I can help you expand on it if you are interested in this subject and message me as there are great teachers I can recommend.


How about a concept that’s hard for men to grasp?

That would be YOUR LITTLE HUNNY sleeping with another man.

If you can do it…………she can do it………right?

That’s right!

My girlfriend can sleep with any man she wants.

We both agree to wear protection and we both agree not to sleep with anyone who is going to bring disharmony to our wonderful relationship.

She has so far chosen not to do so, but maybe one day she will change her mind.

I must stress this is not some type of invitation.

If she wants a guy, she would most likely in go after him rather than the other way around.

I can guarantee asking her about this probably will not get you the result you wish for.

However, as long as I keep showing her I’m a leader and making her laugh and cum she will stay with me as long as I keep making her happy.

3 Primary Reasons People DO NOT Engage in Non-Monogamy!

A:   The lady says she only wants to be with one man at a time
B:   The guy cannot stand the idea of his hunny being forked by another man
C:   There is a SERIOUS lack of trust already in the relationship

Most guys I talk to are very interested in this concept, but think “it’s not for them”.

Many women I talk to about it are FASCINATED (as are many guys) as well with the idea of all of it, but it’s nothing more than a curiosity as most of them are “Disney bound” to one man at a time.

My girlfriend is not dreaming of being with multiple men.

She thinks primarily about me.

Not always, I’m sure.

But, most of the time she is and she shows this with her actions verbally and non-verbally.

Like most women do when they are in a relationship with a man they love and that they are highly sexually attracted to.

And for those wondering, yes, this has been a SLOW transition for my girlfriend.

She was brought up in a world of friends who gushed about huge weddings, white picket fences, and a guy who would love you for who you are forever, no matter your flaws!

Then reality set in.

She saw it on TV.

Then she saw it in movies.

Then, she started seeing it in her own life.

Her OWN prior relationships with men.

Relationships ladies that work with us have had with THEIR men.

Our fans that we get close with and what they HIDE from their wives/girlfriends.

Essentially, for over a decade now, there is nothing but a trail of lies, deception, and broken relationships all around her wherever she looks!

I ask her often, how well do you REALLY know a person?

How long does it take to peel off the layers?

We have a wonderful relationship where we talk about a lot of deep subjects many couples still do not.

And, boy have we had some long and interesting talks over the years.

So many things I did not know about her.

So many things she did not know about me.

And, naturally, it made us closer than ever.

There is a ton I could write on this subject.

I could easily do a series here in the Ringo Letters for quite some time on this one topic alone.

Marriages are crumbling all around us.

People have been cheating on each other for centuries.

Perhaps, monogamy is not as natural as they would have us believe?

Something to think deeply on my friends!

— Ringo —

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