THE RINGO LETTERS – #19 – Paypal Terminates Business with the Female Wrestling Channel

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The Ringo Letters are the sole view of Johnny Ringo, the owner of the Female Wrestling Channel, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the females that work for this company currently or in the recent past. The Ringo Letters are to serve as a vehicle for Johnny’s thoughts at a given time on FWC related subjects and non FWC related subjects.

For the Critics of the Female Wrestling Channel

NOTE:  As I am not a licensed financial advisor, nothing here should constitute financial advice without you doing your own fact checking on anything stated here.  There are risks inherit with anything that has to do with money. Be advised of all risks and be sure to do your research prior.   

On December 15th early in the morning I got an email saying our Female Wrestling Channel Paypal account has been permanently restricted.

We have been going with Paypal for a good number of years now and we cleared everything we were doing with them before we started promoting Paypal on the website years ago.

With that said, we had a feeling this might happen at some point.

Paypal has shut down numerous female wrestling producers and models and many others from the adult industry in the recent past.


A fine question.

It’s not just Paypal.

The Female Wrestling Channel has also been banned on the following major platforms:

  • Youtube
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo

In every single case, when we try to get an explanation of what happened and why…..we can never get one.

As for Paypal, they hold any money in your account for 180 days when they decide to shut your account down.

They give you no warning.

They do not seem they give you an opportunity WHATSOEVER to remedy the situation.

I decided to call Paypal on 12-15-20 and I wanted to find out personally WHAT HAPPENED and WHY?

Here is that Phone Call:
(the only part of this I edited out is when they asked me my real name twice)

If you watched the full video above…..I make this video public for 2 reasons:

  • I want people to know how these people treat YOUR money.
  • I want people to know that THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU.  No matter if it’s Paypal or your Bank.

The people at Paypal sure do know how to say Merry Christmas.

Heck of a time to be shutting people’s accounts down considering the time of year and the type of year we all just went through.

They are clearly a bunch of jerks.

In any case, the Female Wrestling Channel will continue on.

You can still check out with other options on this website.

I also highly encourage people to explore the cryptocurrency world just in case something like this ever happens to you or someone you love.

I made a short video below showing you how you can get going TODAY on various cryptocurrency exchanges:

Here is a List of Exchanges You Can Explore Getting Started On:
(some of these pay us a commission when you sign up and you get a bonus you might not get signing up alone simply by using the links below)

It would be very heartwarming to see a good amount of you start checking out on this website in crypto, just to stick it to the big guys.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS about Cryptocurrency you can contact me through the website here.

— Ringo —

Here are 3 Banking Options that are Completely Online I’m experimenting with at the moment that I hope become Long Term Options:

  • Transferwise – (I have an International Bank account for Business and Personal – Very cool service!)
  • Chime – (for Personal)
  • Coinbase – Earn 4 percent back in crypto on all transactions you make using their Coinbase Debit Card.  I make over $100 per month sometimes in free crypto!

I will write additional letters or make notes on these pages if any of these providers eventually do not work out.

** I make a small commission if you join using the links above.   Please do so and we both will benefit **

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