• have the ability to meet our ladies IN PERSON.
  • have the ability to wrestle our ladies or have them put you in holds IN PERSON.
  • have the ability to be a character in our videos or a character in your own FAN SERIES.
  • have the ability to write your own Episode short series.  We will fund 50 percent of it if you fund the other half.
  • have the ability to run a FRANCHISE for the Female Wrestling Channel immediately or in the future with your own Mats and Dividers with the FWC Logos on them.
  • have the ability to sponsor matches and make 50 percent lifetime profits every time a sale is made on your content.
  • have the ability to attend future events at half price or absolutely free.
  • and more listed below…..


Once the spots listed at the top of this page are fulfilled, this page (and offer) will disappear forever and all of the truly amazing perks above will no longer be offered to the general public going forward.


Lifetime Legacy Membership at the Female Wrestling Channel


  • Episodes will be free for you to download/view (including all new releases) for LIFE OF THIS WEBSITE
  • Photosets will be free for you to download/view (including all new releases) for LIFE OF THIS WEBSITE
  • FWC Extras will be free for you to download/view (including all new releases) for LIFE OF THIS WEBSITE
  • FWC Scripted will be free for you to download/view (including all new releases) for for LIFE OF THIS WEBSITE
  • Mixed Wrestling Matches we produce (other than FAN SERIES) will be free for you to download/view (including all new releases) for 1 year.
  • You will be able to purchase Sponsored Matches and Fan Series Matches at an automatic discount of 50 percent off when logged into the site.
  • You will be able to purchase videos from OTHER Wrestling Producers hosted on this website at an automatic 25 percent discount when logged in as a Legacy Member no matter if the matches are scripted or competitive.
  • You will have access to the ladies WIN/LOSS records.  You will find them at the very bottom of each woman’s profile when logged in.
  • Legacy Members are the only ones who can sponsor matches and make lifetime money.   You get an automatic and instant 50 percent split anytime your content sells on our website.
  • Legacy Members are the only ones who can wrestle our ladies. You are free to be anonymous if you don’t want to be on camera.  However, if you want to make 50 percent lifetime profits on videos you appear in you can now be a part of our FAN SERIES after becoming an approved Lifetime Legacy Member.
  • Money Back Guarantee if you are not FULLY satisfied.
  • Fill out the Form on this Page to be Considered. 
  • CC Bill customer service can help you with this transaction for up to 365 days, but after that time period, you need to deal directly with the Female Wrestling Channel for any refund considerations.
  • This Service Is Only Available If We Approve You!

YOU MUST BE A GOOD FIT TO BE ACCEPTED FOR LEGACY MEMBERSHIP.  We do not accept everyone.  Application to be a part is located at the bottom of this page.

If you are new to the Female Wrestling Channel please read through our FRONT PAGE to learn more about us.

Johnny RIngo and Monroe Jamison - 2019

My name is Johnny Ringo.

Monroe Jamison and I own the Female Wrestling Channel.

If you see a video and it says the wrestling is REAL and COMPETITIVE we make sure and mark it in the video.

We have never (and will never) try to pass off fake and scripted wrestling as real.

EVERYTHING we offer you, absolutely EVERYTHING, comes with a money back guarantee.

And messages to FWC customer service (Johnny and Monroe) always eventually get answered.

Let’s Talk About The Ladies!

Lifetime Legacy Membership at the Female Wrestling Channel 2

Have you ever seen a completely successful Women’s Wrestling Company?

GLOW ultimately failed.

They made an entertaining and fictional account of the events on Netflix, but despite this, many of the real life challenges were talked about and exposed.

Is Shimmer is a big deal?

Most likely a fine production, but what’s the ceiling?

What about the WWE and the Women’s Division?

Lots of production quality.

But, it’s the same old thing over and over again.

It seems like there is still something missing………..an element of the puzzle all of us are trying to collectively solve…..

Our insertion into this “collective” puzzle is something that none of the above have attempted that we are aware of….


Afterall…if you are already a fan of the competitive aspects of the Female Wrestling Channel you want…..


You want real emotions.   Real talk.  Real effort.  No collusion between the ladies and no lies.

You also want…..


If you are a man reading this, you will have multiple FAVORITE women over the course of your life.

In this type of business, “just one” will never do!

This goes the same for matches.

Some of you like REAL and COMPETITIVE Female vs Female Matches.

Just as many of you like REAL and COMPETITIVE Female vs Male Matches known as Mixed Wrestling as you can WRESTLE OUR LADIES!

Some of you want to see JELLO matches or MUD Wrestling Matches or you want to see a CATFIGHT with hairpulling, or maybe slapping, OR you want to see a SCRIPTED match where your favorite girl wins or loses OR you want to see things in Photo Form as it takes you back to a different time and age.

Many of you like women with big boobs, small boobs, women who are tall, women who are short, women who are athletic, women who are big boned, women who are old, women who are young, OR you like women who are Yellow, or Black, or White, and if there were women who were BLUE many of you would want to SEE THEM TOO!

Women in Leotards, one piece outfits, bikinis, yoga pants, blue jeans….

2 on 1 matches, Tag Team matches, Handicapped Matches, 5 on 1 matches…..

Bodyscissors - Eden Sins vs Sunny Vixen


And, that’s totally ok.

We also have EXTREMELY beautiful women from all around the United States who will give this a shot.

These are ladies with big followings who could potentially make our sponsors a fortune with a simple link back to her wrestling match she does with us.

We have a traveling mat and divider set where we can turn ANY large room into a Female Wrestling Channel set instantly.

These mats and dividers are set up in such a way that we can easily travel with them.

Not a single women’s wrestling producer in the entire world has the setup we have at the time of this writing.

You want more ladies.   

You want authenticity.   

You want variety.

To get the absolute most as a women’s wrestling fan you should see if you qualify to become a LEGACY MEMBER at the Female Wrestling Channel.


  • It’s the ONLY way to meet our ladies in person
  • It’s the ONLY way to meet our ladies and wrestle them in person
  • It’s the ONLY way to run a Franchise for the Female Wrestling Channel
  • It’s the ONLY way for you to become a Character at the Female Wrestling Channel, in our story or in your own Fan Series
  • It’s the ONLY way to make lifetime profits off matches you sponsor if you so choose
  • It’s the ONLY way to attend events, pool and wrestling parties, or special gatherings we offer
  • It’s the ONLY way to get the best offers and special attention…..PERIOD!

The entire goal of the Female Wrestling Channel is to create the ABSOLUTE BEST EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE for Lifetime Legacy Members.


The Legacy Experience is not for everyone.

We do not approve everyone.

We are looking for men of high character who are mature enough to be around younger women (18 and up) and women in general.

This is not an escort service, nor do we offer anything sexual.

Only men with the absolute highest respect and regard for the ladies will be allowed into this program.

The cost is a one time payment of $997 if we approve you.

There are no credit checks.

We do it the old school way.

We are going to want to talk to you and get to know you if you are wanting to get to know our girls or get more involved with our business here.

As noted prior, we are looking to provide the best experience possible to Lifetime Legacy Members.

There will be a point when we no longer offer Lifetime Legacy Membership.

Don’t tell your friends 5-10 years from now that you “missed out” on being a part of the Female Wrestling Channel.

For men who see the bigger picture and want a longtime, inside seat at the table when it comes to the Female Wrestling Channel and the ladies that come through here, fill out the form below to begin the process to see if we are a good long term fit for one another.

— Ringo —


(we provide a safe and private experience and you get a full money back guarantee every time you work with us. No more looking over your shoulder in hotels or dealing with scammers if you are a Legacy Member)

  • $500 per match – up to best of 3 falls – to take an available lady on in your choice of an Offense/Defense matchup with her on OFFENSE and you on DEFENSE or a Holds Session where she will put you in our holds and pins for 1 hour.  This price also applies if you want to Sponsor a match between two ladies or if you simply want to have a 1 hour Meet and Greet with a lady of your choice.
  • $1000 per match – up to best of 3 falls – FULLY COMPETITIVE if you want it filmed and want 50 percent of the lifetime profits on our website and other places we sell your video.
  • $10,000 – Start your own FWC Franchise in your area. We will purchase your own mats, dividers, cameras, and help you every step of the way, every single day.
  • Want bigger discounts?  After you are approved you can become a Lifetime Legacy + Member and pay COST to the girls with no additional profit to us.  This will give you a significant discount on the prices stated above.  It’s only an additional $100 per month or $1000 per year.  
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