THE RINGO LETTERS – #10 – The New Global Economy

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Getting Rowdy! - Female Wrestling Photoshoot featuring Jasmine Rowdy from 2017!

It’s an exciting time to be a female wrestling producer.

It’s an exciting time to be alive!

New markets are opening all over the world.

The NEW Global Economy is taking shape right in front of our eyes.

Bitcoin might be a good alternative.

Is this something we should get into?

Does it help eliminate exchange rates?

My education is low on this at the moment.

New people are logging on and discovering the internet daily for the VERY first time!

I made a posting on my personal facebook page the other day about how China has well over 50,000,000 single men because of the population inequity that they are currently facing.

The large majority of these men will never find love if they stay in China!

If That’s Not A Market For Female Wrestling Producers And Models There Never Was One!

But, the reality, is that examples like this exist all around the globe.

There are provinces in Africa where wrestling is the absolute biggest thing they have going on.

Can you imagine if they were able to have access to the Female Wrestling Channel?

Or any of the other female wrestling sites that exist out there?

The possibilities are absolutely incredible!

We wish all of our competitors health and success.

A very small piece of the financial pie could make all of us richer than we ever dreamed.

None need to “dominate” the market in my view.

The goal for each of us “should be” to build 1,000-10,000 reliable customers that will do business again and again and we are golden forever.

Here is something that you may not know.

Some Months Over Half Of Our Business Comes From OVERSEAS And Not From The United States!

Monroe Jamison and I just think it’s the coolest thing in the world.

And, it is.

We are touching people all around the world from our tiny home in Indiana.

This is truly a new age like non-other.

I honestly could have never imagined this 10 or 20 years ago.

Talk about a dream come true.


There is a point to me writing all of this today.

We are a fan’s business.

We enjoy our fans for the people that they are.

I like to hear the personal stories.

I love connecting with them and learning about different cultures and points of view.

I like sharing my points of view which they don’t always agree with!

I don’t want the world hating the United States.

I don’t want people around the world hating us because we are in the United States.

Doing Business (Engaging In Trade) Is The ANTIDOTE To War! 

When I see that I get a new customer from somewhere in the Middle East, and then I see news reports that bombs were dropped, or riots took place, or drone attacks were performed, it makes me look at the world in ways that was never possible before.

There are certainly many intractable problems in this world and none of them are going to be solved in this article.

However, if we go by the mindset that there was never a good war, or a bad peace, and if we believe that trading and doing business with others, is the PATH to PEACE, rather than FORCE and AGGRESSION, I do believe that new markets will continue to open up.

Strong relationships will be forged.

The government should have entangling alliances with none just as our forefather George Washington warned us about.

As for THE PEOPLE…’s imperative we trade and do business with each other to raise the quality and education of our very short lives.

Let us remember that we all bleed red.

The world is full of people just like you, who process just like you, who have the same fears, motivations, and wants and desires as you do.

Empathy will help us all in business and in life.

— Ringo —

ORIGINALLY POSTED:  June 24th 2016
REVISED AND UPDATED:  October 3rd 2019

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