THE RINGO LETTERS – #9 – Building The Future For Women Wrestlers

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The Ringo Letters are the sole view of Johnny Ringo, the owner of the Female Wrestling Channel, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the females that work for this company currently or in the recent past. The Ringo Letters are to serve as a vehicle for Johnny’s thoughts at a given time on FWC related subjects and non FWC related subjects.

Cash Money

I do believe the biggest challenge I face here is trying to ensure CONSISTENT income for the ladies.

Fans simply want what they want.

This is natural and ok.


Most fans put very little thought into how the women make money.

Most fans simply ASSUME that the women make a lot of money.

This is generally not the case for a variety of reasons I’m going to explore here today.

Most Humans Simply Want A Weekly Guarantee!

Many of our current ladies and past ones would do this full time, but the money is not guaranteed.

I have many ladies right now that WANT to work this full time, but I keep asking myself, how?

Let’s say I wanted to pay 8 ladies $300 per week.

8 ladies X $300 would equal $2400 per week in payroll.

For The Purposes Of This Thought Experiment

$300 per week is not a huge amount of money, but it would be enough to get many ladies from all over the world a chance to give this a try full time.

Issue is, we don’t even make $2400 per week as a company in most cases at this time.

So, that would not work.

Even simply having 1 or 2 ladies per week on salary could prove problematic financially and from a time management standpoint.

There is no clear guidebook on what a woman can do to make money in this industry WITHOUT selling herself out to nudity or doing full on fetish type of videos.

Or, meeting men alone in hotel rooms to make ends meet.

Monroe Jamison gets an incredible amount of requests for ballbusting or lift and carry and so many things that are not related at all to what we do.

Monroe often spends 90 percent of the day talking to people that are not interested at all in what she is doing/selling when she sits and answers messages all day long.

This experience has been the same with other FWC ladies who have opened up communication routes as well through either letting fans email them or message them on social networks.


Many of our ladies have profiles on Facebook and various places, but I know from solid experience the majority of people that message them simply want to talk and not do business any business whatsoever.

Women are highly emotional creatures.

When certain fans start to waste their time, or try to start fights between the ladies, or start asking them on dates, or getting angry when they can’t reply back “right away” with really rude comments…..the ladies lose interest QUICKLY.

Do I really want to put the ladies (or anyone for that matter) through what Monroe experiences daily when the world interacts with her?

This is the majority, I HATE to say and admit.

The majority of men have very bad emotional control and they do not know how to interact with women.

It’s not these men’s fault as most of them never had a Dad or a great teacher on this type of stuff.

You truly just have to see both sides.

Think of the ladies you know in your own life.

Are they fragile?

Are they emotional?

Do they get offended easily?

Do they sometimes not do what they say they are going to do, even though they mean well?

So are the ladies who work here.


This Is A Big Point!

Our best customers:

  • are respectful
  • understand this is a business and that we need to make money
  • understand the ladies MUST make good income income to participate

Like in many businesses, 20 percent of your customers make up 80 percent of your business.

This is very much the case with the Female Wrestling Channel.

Back To The Challenge At Hand!

Here is the way I look at it.

Let’s say, COMMISSION ONLY or with some type of a DRAW/SALARY, I have a lady work 40 something hours per week.

What do I have her work on?

  • Customer outreach and Social media messaging
  • Message Boards, Groups, and Classifieds postings
  • Attempting to sell fan or business sponsorships.
  • Attempting to sell merchandise
  • Fairs and Events

You might be able to add some things to this list!


There are a number of logistical challenges.

The main challenge being that the REAL female wrestling fan industry is still a small pond.

As a fan do you want every single lady on the roster hitting you up daily and weekly asking for:

  • skype or phone chat
  • to buy their autographs or poster
  • get a membership through them
  • sponsor them
  • etc, etc, etc?

Do you want to see the same ladies, on the same message boards, or have your Facebook feed filled up with promotional messages from 8 or 16 or 24 or 32 different ladies?

You Might Be Thinking…Uh…HELL YES!


Even though our ladies might think you are awesome/cool they MOST LIKELY are hitting you up because they have to make money just like all of us do.

There is an old adage in business, that people love to buy, but hate to be sold!

Therein lies the issue for me.

Every lady is going to be hitting everyone of you up like an ATM machine to fund their weekly expenses that life creates.


I prefer for the ladies to be creating content.

Talking to our best fans who invest the most.

ONLY because there is so much time in a day.

In truth, I would love for them to be able to talk to everyone freely daily all day long, but it’s just not possible in any job on earth.

Future goal is to re-locate to an area where the ladies can market this outside.

Say Las Vegas.

Maybe Times Square in New York.

We would primarily want the ladies creating content in the hopes that you buy it or live stream in to watch it.


Anytime I work with a male or a female my goal is for them to make as much money for themselves with AS LITTLE TIME SPENT as possible.

This is always a PUSH-PULL between businesses and people.

Businesses need people to get things done for as cheap as possible.

The problem is that it’s HUMAN labor.

That’s why I’m a huge supporter of the upcoming robot revolution.

It will put some people out of jobs.

In the midst of this chaos a wonderful opportunity is born.

It simply means you can make MORE MONEY for LESS TIME.


Say you were one of the ladies who worked here.

Would you prefer:

  • OPTION 1:  $300 per week for 40 hours per week
  • OPTION 2:  1 match per week – You make $1000 if you win and $500 if you lose.  Talking to fans and wrestling will take no more than 2-3 hours of your time that week

ANYONE and EVERYONE in their right mind would choose OPTION 2 assuming it was Consistent!  

I don’t want to steal value from anyone.

Male or Females.

It might slow our growth!


But, it’s the right thing to do long term.

We want to empower them to make as much money as possible and try to get robots and automation to do the GRUNT work.

This is a concept you should also consider in your own life…..if you have not already!!!

If we are to build the future for the ladies here, I think this is the way to go.

I want them to make really high income, much higher than the numbers above, for very little effort expended time wise.

Effort wise, I want them to give it their ALL!

Times change and thoughts change, but on this I aim to remain solid.

— Ringo —

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED:  October 30th 2015
REVISED/UPDATED:  October 3rd 2019

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