FAN SERIES – Featuring Bruce

Fan Series - Featuring Bruce Vayne! - MMA Fighter and Collegiate Wrestler

Former Collegiate Wrestler and MMA Fighter Helps Advance The Ladies Of The FWC!

Bruce Combines Personality And Skill!

Bruce has been a tremendous asset to us here at the Female Wrestling Channel.

When we started this in 2012, we simply tossed the ladies out there and taught them a few basic moves.

Over the years, Bruce has taught us many things that we have remembered and forgotten.

He is truly a fountain of knowledge when it comes to moves and holds.

The key is tapping his brain.

You simply let him know what move you are trying to get out of, or what move you would like to be more effective, and he generally has great suggestions more times than not that he can demonstrate right on the spot.

Bruce is very much a smartass as the ladies will tell you.

However, he takes the training part very seriously and he is an extremely patient trainer with the ladies and he has earned their trust on the mats.

  • Bruce lives in Indiana and hopes to train the ladies more once the roster increases.
  • Bruce was born in 1988.
  • Bruce is a big fan of Batman.  This is why he goes by the last name Vayne, which is a play on Bruce Wayne.
  • Bruce’s favorite lady is Monroe Jamison, but he liked her much better when her hair was red!  He is also a big fan of Angelina Edge, Callisto Strike, Sooki Smackhouse, and Scarlett Squeeze.


Bruce Vayne vs Jayde Jamison - Competitive Mixed Wrestling!
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