FAN SERIES – Featuring Jason

Fan Series - Featuring Jason - Callisto Strike - Jason - Monroe Jamison - Mixed Wrestling - 2018

Dedicated Fan From the VERY BEGINNING Makes His Way From Ohio To Indiana To See If He Can Survive The Beautiful Ladies Of The FWC!

He Was Gratified That He Made The Trip!

Jason was one of the few people on the planet to purchase “K” vs “A” when it was first released on the Female Wrestling Channel.

Only long time fans will know what those initials mean!

The “K” vs “A” video was offered for $5 to fans on various wrestling message boards before the Female Wrestling Channel website was born.

Every since that time, he has been following us with increasing interest as our small organization is slowly starting to grow some wings.

Jason was absolutely thrilled to finally meet us in person last year and we were just as thrilled when it came to meeting him as we have exchanged many thoughtful discussions over the years.  Jason has been back many times since his first visit and we expect to see him more in the future.

  • Jason lives in Ohio and drives to Indiana to see us.
  • Jason was born in 1975.  He is 6 foot tall and weighs 215lbs.
  • Jason takes joy in his computer/electronic repair skills and knowledge.
  • Jason is also an avid fan of video games.
  • Who are Jason’s favorite ladies at the time of this writing?  Callisto Strike, Monroe Jamison, and Barbie Malibu.


OFFENSE/DEFENSE - Mixed Wrestling - Astra vs Jason - (REAL) - 2019
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