How to get Women Interested in Mixed Wrestling with YOU!

Callisto vs Tom - #5 - COMPETITIVE MIXED WRESTLING! - 2018

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Mixed Wrestling is a huge interest in this industry.

This is when a man wrestles a woman in a wrestling match.

Sometimes the action is REAL and COMPETITIVE and sometimes the action is FANTASY and SCRIPTED depending on what the man wants and which of these two the woman is willing to do.

Men historically have used sites such as WB270 or Sessiongirls to find women who want to wrestle.

However, there are a number of things you can do properly if you want to get women who are part of the industry to wrestle you AND women who are not a part of this industry.

Would You Like to Know…..

  • Where and how to find women to wrestle you including places you know about and places you may not know about
  • How to get women in this industry to say yes to you
  • How to get women who do not wrestle at all to say yes to you
  • What to say to ladies in your opening message and ongoing messages including what to say and what not to say
  • Tips on getting a better and higher response rate from women you message
  • Why following up is very important if they don’t message you back right away and how often to do so
  • How to give a great impression during your wrestling session so you can easily book more with the same lady
  • How to properly schedule the wrestling session
  • What to do if a woman does not honor your session after being paid
  • What to do if you cannot honor a session you paid for
  • How to set up a first date with a NEW (non-industry) woman and get her interested in Mixed Wrestling with you

NOTE:  There is a very detailed process laid out below on how to get a new (non-industry) woman on a first date, the 2nd date, exactly what to do and not to do every single step of the way, and when the PRECISE time to bring up your Mixed Wrestling interest will be. This is extremely valuable information that you are not going to be able to easily find from any other wrestling producer or model and will not easily find anywhere on the internet.

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