THE RINGO LETTERS – #4 – Do Your Wives and Girlfriends like that YOU like Women’s Wrestling?

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The Ringo Letters are the sole view of Johnny Ringo, the owner of the Female Wrestling Channel, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the females that work for this company currently or in the recent past. The Ringo Letters are to serve as a vehicle for Johnny’s thoughts at a given time on FWC related subjects and non FWC related subjects.

THE RINGO LETTERS - #4 - Do Your Wives and Girlfriends like that YOU like Women's Wrestling? 1

Every once in a while I will get an email from a fan that goes something like this:

Dear Johnny

I would really love to sign up for the Female Wrestling Channel.  But, my wife would KILL me!  Is there anyway I can pay by cash?  We have linked accounts and I don’t want her finding out!


Dear Johnny

You are doing great work at the FWC, and you are one heck of a guy, but my girlfriend gave me an ultimatum.  It’s her, or you, and sorry Johnny, you just are not my type.   Later dude!


Dear Johnny

I have told my wife of my interest in female wrestling and she just “doesn’t get it”.  She doesn’t see why I enjoy it as a sport and she doesn’t understand why I find it sexy?  Do you have any ideas?


Let’s begin.


You are free to form your own.

Keep in mind I’m also going to assume that MEN are reading this and not WOMEN as men make up 99.9 percent of my customer base.

Despite this, if you are a woman reading that is totally fine and I hope you learn something today.


Do you really want to spend the rest of your life, or even 5 more minutes, with someone that is going to judge you harshly because you enjoy females wrestling around with each other?

Or, because you enjoy wrestling women yourself?


Consider two forms of expression when talking to your wife/girlfriend.

For the purposes of this article, I’m going to name her “ANGRY PATTY.”

ANGRY WIFE/GIRLFRIEND:  Um, whoa.  Excuse me.  What is this?  Is this a Female Wrestling DVD from the Female Wrestling Channel?  Who in the hell is Scarlett Squeeze?

Two Possible Responses You Could Muster Out Of A Million…

#1 – YOU – Well, uh, honey, I, uh, um, uh, well, um, uh, you see, uh, that’s NOT MINE!   That’s (insert scapegoat’s name that you lied about and blamed it on here) DVD.


#2 – YOU – Yes honey, that’s mine.  In fact, I find it very sexy.   Would you like me to teach you a few of the moves in the bedroom I watched in my last video?  (smile, wink)

This is a lesson that can serve you in all realms of life, but let us give further consideration to the case at hand.

If you frame your interest of WOMEN’S WRESTLING through:

  • guilt
  • sadness
  • deception
  • or outright fear or anger

You are most certainly going to get a negative reaction and you DESERVE IT!

You need to be firm in your conviction.

This is no big deal and you need to display that.

If you are a MAN about it, you don’t have to worry about anyone leaving you and you probably will be experiencing yourself a better sex life very soon.

To my regular fans reading this, many of them are going to think that they are in a different situation and I can’t possibly understand the details.


And, I will explain why.

To begin…..

Isn’t it amazing what happens in life when you are honest?

YES – Because you get to live in truth and you never, ever have to remember your lies.
NO – Because the woman in your life is going to give you a ton of DRAMA if you don’t compilate to her way or the highway.

Notice something here?

It’s a power inbalance.

Traditionally, no matter if you are religious or not, the MAN has always been expected to LEAD in the relationship.

When this inbalance is BROKEN….a hell more fearsome then the fire of hades takes place…..HERE ON EARTH!

You see, women secretly dislike this inbalance.

Even really dominant women.

IN their heart, they want a man who can tame and lead them.

There are very few exceptions to this rule.

If your wife is an exception to this rule, realize she represents less than maybe 1-5 percent of the women in this world.

The rest of the women want men to lead!

If you don’t believe me, ask the women in your life what they prefer.

However, some of you are SUPER LOGICAL guys.

I get it.

You need some more detail.

You realize she might ask questions and you might want to take the conversation further.

Below are some key points to relay to your loved one OR even someone you are just having fun with at the moment if this is something you want to discuss.

1.  Wrestling Is An Absolute Fantastic Workout

You literally use almost every single muscle in your body and most fights (in real life) tend to happen on the ground.   A good knowledge of wrestling can protect a person from a potentially dangerous situation.

2.  Enhanced Sex

Wrestling before and during sex is not only very alluring, but I have personally never found a single woman in my entire life who didn’t enjoy tussling around the bedroom.

3.  Wrestling Is Empowering To Women………But Only After They Try It And LEARN Some Moves 

Don’t knock it until you try it!

4.  Builds Self-Confidence 

For all the guys that are not confident, it’s generally WAY worse for the average woman.  Even really pretty ones!   Anything in this world that makes you a little more sure of yourself can be an extremely valuable thing.

5.  Men Prefer Variety – Females Prefer “The One” 

Generally speaking, since the time of the caveman, most men are designed by biology to spread their seed to as many women as possible.

Women’s biology is to find the strongest man to MATE with and then find the NICEST man to take care of her newly created family.

It doesn’t always work out this way, but it’s what most people’s biology screams for depending on if you are a man or woman.

I wouldn’t tell your wife or girlfriend this unless you have a GREAT relationship.

This is simply information for YOU.

This is important for me to point out to let you know it’s NORMAL and OK to like Women’s Wrestling.

Our business would probably be doing 10x revenue if not for Wives or Girlfriends!

I am not mad at these fine ladies.

They simply have not been “brought into the fold” of how magical and fun the wrestling can by the man in their life.

It’s also NORMAL and OK to keep changing who your favorite woman wrestler is or who your favorite sexual partner is if you are a man.

It’s NORMAL and OK to desire variety.

It’s part of your inborn biology.

To resist this biology, makes you weaker, and more and more unhappy.


There is a school of thought that says that marriage is sacred.  It is a religious ceremony.  That temptation itself is a sin to be resisted.   And, then, you will see preachers rape little boys and girls.  I realize this is graphic.  However, I think one must do the critical thinking required when they decide if they want to make every single thing they find in a religious book a part of their everyday life.

These books were written thousands of years ago.  There are many other books that said other things that were burned and destroyed.  The great library of Alexandria was burned to the ground and it held all of the knowledge of the ancient world.

These decisions are not easy.

However, I do not personally believe that a loving god has any interest in destroying a man’s free will.

His biology burns and requires him to look at sexy women no matter his age or station in this world.

Even if he marries the most beautiful woman in the world, in time, he will desire another woman on the side.

Why must religion ignore these facts?

Just like it is in women’s biology to dislike physically fight each other, which makes my job very hard here, it’s the same with men.

I have thousands of customers.

I have heard the same stories again and again.

You literally have no idea how many times this song and dance has come up!

However, I am in a LONG TERM relationship where I can do things you can’t and we are both really, really happy together.

Does this not at least deserve some food for thought?

This is a decision one must make individually.

As for women, they end the relationship around 90 percent of the time.

Men are loyal!

Good men anyway.

And, you don’t have to change that.

You are not being unloyal by simply exploring some of the biological urges you have as an animal.

However, some teachings will tell you different.

If you want to explore this conversation in further depth, there are many, many levels to this.


— Ringo —
REVISED AND UPDATED:  July 31st 2023

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