Fan Series – Featuring George

Fan Series - Featuring George - Female Wrestling Channel - 2016

Huge Comic Book Fan Makes His Way From Michigan to Indiana

Batman Never Had This Much Fun!

George was one of the earliest fans to get going as a Lifetime Legacy Member with us.

He hails from Michigan and we have met him in person a number of times now.

George is also one of the only fans to ever wrestle with Lilith Fire in a competitive mixed wrestling matchup.

You can also see George in our FWC documentary – “The Road to Lizzy Lizz” that we shot before we drove all the way from Indiana to Arizona to face her.

  • George lives in Michigan and drives to Indiana to see us!
  • George was born in 1970.  He is 5’10” foot tall and weighs 270lbs.
  • George loves to read comics and novels and collect things from action figures, shotglasses, dvds, and anything related to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • George prefers watching female vs female wrestling.  He also enjoys the occasional mixed wrestling match (watching) and he LOVES participating.
  • Who are George’s favorite ladies at the time of this writing?  Ashley Wildcat, Bella Mamacita, Callisto Strike, Monroe Jamison


George vs Lilith Fire and Monroe Jamison - Mixed Wrestling - 2016

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