FAN SERIES - Featuring Rick 1

Pittsburgh Steelers Fan And Huge GLOW Women of Wrestling Supporter Makes His Way To The FWC Mats!

How Will He Handle Against The Ladies Of The FWC?

Rick is truly one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Truly a fun guy with a big heart.

He has been wrestling our ladies for a quite a while, and this page will display the matches we got on video.

  • Rick lives in Michigan and drives to Indiana to see us.
  • Rick’s favorite football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Rick loves GLOW Wrestling and is a regular on the cruises they offer.
  • Rick is a Democrat and a liberal at heart in real life. Johnny Ringo likes to debate with him on politics when he visits.  Good news for Rick, he always has an ally in FWC character “The Hammer“.
  • Rick won’t tell us his age.  We think he is in his 40’s.   🙂
  • Who is Rick’s favorite ladies at the time of this writing?   Monroe Jamison who he says ROCKS! and he has slowly developed a big affinity for Callisto Strike as well.   He thinks very highly of both women and they think very highly of him in return.


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