Headscissors - Sassy Kae vs Summer Shameless - Real Competitive Women's Wrestling - The Female Wrestling Channel - February 2022

Sassy Kae vs Summer Shameless

First ever Best of 5 Falls Competitive Matchup Between These Two Women!

Sassy Kae and Summer Shameless are both ready to take each other on.

You have seen them in photoshoots and scripted matches against each other, but they have only had ONE competitive fall so far.

(that was very close!)

Now, THE FANS HAVE FUNDED THIS MATCH, and we are going to see who will be the winner!

This will be a best of 5 falls REAL and COMPETITIVE Wrestling Matchup.


  • TITLE:  Sassy Kae vs Summer Shameless
  • FALLS:  Best out of 5 Falls
  • LENGTH:  13 minutes and 45 seconds long
  • RELEASED:  February 10th 2022
  • FILE SIZE:  2.2GB
  • Filmed in 4K
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Sassy Kae vs Summer Shameless

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1 review for Sassy Kae vs Summer Shameless

  1. Sassy Kae vs Summer Shameless 1


    This is the first real competitive best of 5 falls between two of the better FWC wrestlers right now in Sassy Kae and Summer Shameless. Both women were really looking forward to testing themselves against the other… It was a very hard-fought, intense and competitive match between the girls and there is a winner in this fight…

    The question is which one: Was it Sassy Kae or Summer Shameless? Make sure to become a sponsor and then buy this download video to find out who wins.. Monroe Jamison is the referee for this match.. Cheers!!!

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