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Mount - Smart and Sassy - Sasha Subdue vs Sassy Kae - Real Women's Wrestling Photoshoot -The Female Wrestling Channel

Smart and Sassy!

Not Just One……But Both!

In terms of personal talent, charisma, and potential, Sasha Subdue and Sassy Kae are two of the most riveting ladies we have had in a couple of years.

Not just because they are pretty.

But, because they are both SMART, SASSY, and both can absolutely BRING IT on the wrestling mats as evidenced by their first real and competitive match against each other.

This photoshoot was taken right before that matchup.

Do you think either of these two ladies can be the Champion of the Female Wrestling Channel?

Enjoy the photos.

Who knows?

Maybe you are looking at one or two future champions!


Limited Time Only!

If you buy this photoset today you’ll receive the last REAL and COMPETITIVE match for both Ivy Hiss and London Rain from Episode #38!

#38 –

  • TITLE: “Smart and Sassy” – featuring Sasha Subdue and Sassy Kae
  • # of Pictures:  271
  • RELEASED:  September 9th 2020
  • Photos by Monroe Jamison
  • SHOT IN 4K
  • Sasha is 36 years old.  She stands at 5’9 and weighs 125lbs
  • Sassy is 28 years old.  She stands at 5’6 and weighs 122lbs
  • After you purchase, you will be sent a link to view all of the pictures on a cell phone or a computer

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    the girls are gorgeous and the photos are hot!!!

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“Smart and Sassy” – featuring Sasha Subdue and Sassy Kae

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