Sasha Subdue

Sasha Subdue - The Female Wrestling Channel - 2020


When Johnny Ringo describes his ideal “BOSS” type woman, you might think he is describing young and intelligent Sasha Subdue.

This is a woman who can hold her own.

In life.

In a conversation.

And, on the REAL and COMPETITIVE Women’s Wrestling mats of the Female Wrestling Channel.

Despite the fact that she faced off against an 8 year veteran in HER DEBUT, you could visibly tell that Sasha was already “not cool” with losing.

And, it’s not that she is a sore loser.

She sets a very high standard for herself.

Afterall, her goal is to SUBMIT and SUBDUE the ladies of the Female Wrestling Channel.

Watch this young woman in full form (in a few different outfits) as she sets her sights on taking over around here!

  • TITLE:  Submit and Subdue – featuring Sasha Subdue
  • GENRE:  Photosets
  • # of Pictures:  63
  • RELEASED:  August 15th 2020
  • Photos by Monroe Jamison
  • Sasha is 36 years old.  She stands at 5’9 and weighs 125lbs
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“Submit and Subdue” – Sasha Subdue


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