Bodyscissors - Scissor Show - Featuring Johnny Ringo, Monroe Jamison, Sassy Kae and Summer Shameless - Real Competitive Women's Wrestling - The Female Wrestling Channel - January 2022

The Scissor Show – #1
Bodyscissors Only!

If you have been a fan of REAL and COMPETITIVE Women’s Wrestling for any length of time you know that the BODYSCISSOR submission is one of the moves you are going to see the most.

Thus, we want our ladies to be able to utilize the move to the absolute best of their ability. 

In this video, Monroe Jamison and Johnny Ringo step away from the business side of things to join Summer Shameless and Sassy Kae in testing their leg scissor strength and technique.

This video will be a good illustration of where everyone is at currently and what they need to improve on. 

Do you think Summer or Sassy can tap Johnny or Monroe?



  • TITLE:  The Scissor Show – #1
  • FALLS:  Each participant gets 2 attempts a piece to tap their opponent with bodyscissors
  • LENGTH:  20 minutes and 43 seconds long
  • RELEASED:  January 14th 2022
  • FILE SIZE:  3.3GB
  • Filmed in 4K
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The Scissor Show – #1

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1 review for The Scissor Show - #1

  1. Avatar of Ernst


    This is a really nice video for fans of the bodyscissors submission. I love that it is competitive and doubles as a training exercise to help these lovely ladies get the most out of their lethal legs. Monroe looks to be in top form and Sassy and Summer continue to grow their skills on the mat. Scissor fans won’t want to miss this one!

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