THE RINGO LETTERS – #8 – Who is Johnny Ringo?

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The Ringo Letters are the sole view of Johnny Ringo, the owner of the Female Wrestling Channel, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the females that work for this company currently or in the recent past. The Ringo Letters are to serve as a vehicle for Johnny’s thoughts at a given time on FWC related subjects and non FWC related subjects.

Johnny Ringo

One of my biggest joys in my time here has been taking large amounts of personal time to get to know our fans.  Many of them are no longer fans, they are my friends. I have listened to their life stories and they have listened to mine. I want our fans to know me a little bit better and know my motivations behind writing this. If any of you ever wanted to know more about me, here is an opportunity. 

The Female Wrestling is now 3 years old at the time of this writing and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic thinking about it tonight.

“What we do” is still largely uncharted territory.

This is well suited to my real life story and I will tell you why.

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I was born in a small town of (maybe) 40,000 people and is largely a factory town.

Some kids that grow up in in my small town stuck around, some moved away, but for me it was a town I always felt lacked fire along with the people within it.

My mother is still living and I have never met my real father.

They had a short relationship, I was the result, and he fled upon hearing the news.

Some people naturally get sad when they read or hear something like this, but for me, it was very important for shaping me into the person that I have become.

I am very much an individual.

All my life, on many issues of life, I am the lone man standing in the woods, or the first to speak up, and it’s had it’s rewards.

This, along with many battle scars as I have gotten my ass kicked in various ways because of being very individualistic and outspoken.

I graduated high school in 1998 and really had no direction whatsoever on what I wanted to do.

Most of the kids I knew were going to college, or smaller schools, and the only real desire I had at the time from a college perspective was going to parties and hopefully getting laid by women!

In high school, I was smart, but really didn’t believe in the value of many of the studies, so I would do what I had to do to get by.

I was always insanely crazy about baseball, but as hard as I tried, my skills simply were not up to par (as a baseball player) and I had to become an observer like so many before me.

I vividly remember my freshman year in high school and I was one of the skinniest kids in the school.

Everyone intimidated me.

Men and Women alike.

Thankfully, I had a sharp wit, so I was able to keep myself out of harm most of the time.

But, I hated it.

I got a job at the local YMCA as a janitor and was given the key.

This allowed me to work out by myself, without people watching, and I started learning and studying how to lift weights.  By my senior year, I was one of the strongest kids in my school and developed a confidence that I still have to this day.

It was the first time I was able to conquer a big fear.

Fear, when broken down to it’s most simple form, is nothing but petrified instinct.  It stops us from doing things we dream about, or things we know we must do, or things that would make us really happy if we at least tried.

I hate fear.

I dislike when people are fearful.

We all get one shot on this earth and we all should give it all we got if we really want something or someone.

During my high school years was when I really noticed that I enjoyed women’s wrestling.

I couldn’t understand why, but the battle of two ladies was not only thrilling to watch from a sporting perspective, but I also found it very sexy as well.

I always liked watching the superior woman defeat the perceived lesser woman if I was attracted to the superior woman.

My primary fetish, if you will.

The combination of these two things formed my interest in what I am doing here, though that interest has expanded and contracted in certain areas over the course of time.

What bugged me the most, and sometimes still does today, is that I just didn’t have people in my life to share the interest with.

The very few times I brought it up I was met with odd looks, or even got made fun of a little bit, as I didn’t have the confidence or guile at the time to navigate through the insults.

Thus, I never talked about my interest about all of this openly until my early 30’s.

I had a decade and a half of my life where I talked about this interest to no one.


If you end up trying to please everyone you will please no one.

If you cannot be yourself, you become a shackle of yourself, and it bleeds in curious ways and causes many an unintended consequence as a result.

After I graduated high school I had no direction.

As I said, I wanted to party and lay women.

It really was that simple.

Mark Twain once wrote about a boy who was told he was a “coward” by a girl he loved.

Because of that single comment, he decided that he would never again be a coward, and ended up gathering his courage after returning from a hard fought war.

I harbored some anger over his assessment for some years, but life’s events have their unintended consequences, and for me, it was a good thing he told me that because it made me mad and I decided that I was going to try harder!

However, that didn’t happen for quite some time.

I got a job in a factory and worked there for about a year after graduating high school.

I bounced between cities familiar to me.

The factory work was pretty decent money for me at the time, but the thing I disliked about the factory the most was that many employees had a defeatist attitude about their job and their own lives.

If you work in a factory, there is a good chance you are going to hear a lot of moaning and groaning, and that simply wasn’t an atmosphere that I wanted to be a part of.

So, one night at midnight, mid-shift, I was walking to the lunch room and just stopped in my tracks.

I decided on the spot I didn’t want to work there anymore, told the supervisor I wanted to quit, he understood, and I went on my way.

Life got tough after that without the consistent money.

I was trying to come up with my own business idea, but really didn’t have any money whatsoever nor did I know where to even begin.

I then found an opportunity that shaped the next decade of my life.

A startup cell phone and satellite retailer in a nearby town was looking for sales agents and satellite installers. This was in the year 2000.

My roommate was looking for a job as well so we both applied and got hired instantly.

I really wasn’t trained in the right way, but I had some natural ability at sales.

And, I was working right smack dab in the middle of a major college pub and got to talk to pretty girls my age all day.

To say I was in heaven was an understatement.

After about a year, the owners broke up and went their separate ways, and I was offered an opportunity to own the company.

Nothing was ever put on paper, as all of us were very inexperienced at business, but at 21 years old I became a co-owner of a company that wasn’t doing too badly on paper at first glance.

I felt good.

I was a young, in shape, and was the co-owner of a company I didn’t pay a dime to buy into.

Not bad.

During the September 11th attacks, I was driving to work early, and a man we made the 3rd partner was sleeping on the floor in our office.  What a frantic day.

Gas stations were running out of gas, all the business owners were standing out on the street, and many worried that the campus would be a target due to the fact that they have a nuclear reactor on site.

This also marked the point that things started falling apart for us as a young company.

We had major personality differences, we were all young, hard headed, and we just couldn’t agree on a cohesive direction.

I ended up leaving the company and working for the original co-owner at his new company, but I could not get on a good track with him either.


If this wasn’t bad enough, I lived in a major party house where we would sometimes have 300-500 people at our parties, with live bands, and lots of broken glass, destroyed and stolen items, and more craziness than could even be written about here.

A couple of my roommates had a secret mushroom chamber downstairs and bought and sold all types of different types of drugs.

I remember a roommate of mine buying pills of ecstasy for $5 in Florida and then coming back and selling them for $50 a pop on campus.

I remember the night the house got busted by the cops.

I went to a friends to study and was already making plans to move out because it was getting out of control and they were not listening to my warnings.

I show up to police cars all over the place when I drove home, so I drove back to my friends and stayed there for the night.

The next day, I go home, the house is ransacked, my computer was confiscated, and it turns out they thought we were running a large scale drug operation.

I came home the next day, and called the cops, as I thought someone robbed the place.

They came and arrested me immediately.

I was never charged because I wasn’t there.  I sat in jail for a night and got bailed out.

This was at a college in my state, but my Grandma called from Florida and said she seen our house on the news down there.

It also made the front page of my paper in my hometown and it was an embarrassing experience.


So, I started my own company and moved back home to my home town.

I started a new company dealing with satellite dishes and cell phones.

I wanted that to be the ethos of how we operated.

And, we did.

I did a little bit of cell phone sales in the beginning, but largely stuck to satellite.

I was a retailer for Dish Network and Pegasus (which was a regional affiliate for DirecTV) and started to make some decent money for the first time.

I ended up spending about 8 years of my life doing this.

In the beginning, all I knew was sales, so I contracted out my installation work.

It took me a few years, but I started to find out that the quality of the jobs were not as described to me on the work orders.

I had a lot of people working for me that did not care about the quality of their work and this led me to start learning how to install satellites myself.

It took me a while.

I didn’t have the foundation OR knowledge like so many of the older installers who installed the old BUD satellites and could tell you every single technical aspect that there is if you questioned them enough.

For the first time in my life I wanted to learn.

I started to become pretty good at it in the end.

But, cash flow often killed me.

You see, with this type of business, your income often depends on factors you just absolutely cannot control.

In the satellite business, you would make $300 to $500 for putting in a new account.

That’s seemingly good money, and it can be, but it comes with two very important “catches” if you will. Number 1 is that you have to personally foot the bill for the equipment as a retailer.

So, often times a single new customer could cost me anywhere from $150 to $1000 in equipment.

Since HD was rolling in, it was generally in the upper tier of that price range.

They would re-imburse the equipment cost, plus commission, two weeks later, but it came with another catch.

This became problematic as we had to fax our paperwork to our distributor.

If a box that was checkmarked didn’t show up as being checkmarked due to being faxed, or if anything was slightly wrong, ALL of the money was withheld.

For a single customer, at times this amount would push well over $1,000+ per.

You wouldn’t find out until you expected your check, then poof, thousands of dollars missing.  Sometimes these “disputes” would last months on end and it really started draining the cash flow.

Number 2 is that you get “chargebacks” in the satellite industry if a customer defaults on their 1 year commitment.

There are very few ways a retailer can control if a customer pays his/her bill monthly and on time.  Of course, I understand the economics, but the problem is that the retailer is always at the bottom of that chain, and most do not last long because of it.

I did not have the wits or the foresight at the time to see this.

I went to my distributor to personally to seek a credit line and a John Gotti like character named “JC” was (and presumably still is) running the show there.

I had a meeting with him as other trusted confidants sat around the table and the first thing he lamented was, well, why should I give you a credit line when I can just go in your area and open up a distributorship?

I’m like, well, then why not just become a giant retailer and cut out retailers like myself? To me, it seemed like a vapid comment from a guy that is supposed to be supporting the efforts of small and large retailers under his umbrella.

He didn’t like this, and then pointed to the fact that he found it embarrassing that I talked about politics so much on an industry message board (in the non-satellite section, no less) and then he told me (in front of everyone) that I would be better suited working at McDonalds rather than being a satellite retailer.

I was pretty embarrassed as I just did not in anyway see that coming or expect his hostility and rudeness when coming in.

But, it was good it happened.

Business is not for the light hearted!

Toughen up or get eaten alive.

Nature provided that circumstance when Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans in 2006.


I brought a partner on the business and wanted to expand into other things like ADT security or Brinks.

Because of the fact that so much cable was knocked out in Louisiana, a tremendous opportunity existed for satellite sales and installations as it was going to take months or years to repair the cable in my view.

So, myself and an installer packed up, and off we went. We arrived at a place in the country out in the Bayou and the trip down was one I will never forget.  I can only describe the devastation as a war zone.  Everything literally looked like it a bomb was dropped upon it.  Some of the trees, were twisted round and round in a spiral as the awesome force of the hurricane left evidence all over the place as far as the eye could see in every town we passed through.

So many of the people fled the state, that many of the businesses were paying TRIPLE per hour to work for them.  McDonald’s, many establishments, were looking for any help they could get.   We responded to an ad from a boat captain that let us rent a small trailer behind his home in the bayou.  He also had cabins flown in, and built a bar in the middle of the grounds with a showers and TV.

Very enterprising guy.

One of the ladies staying there was one of the top people at Lockheed Martin, and I got to meet a whole host of interesting people that I will never forget.   We had a delay in getting our equipment shipped to us, so we tried to work for other retailers down there in the meantime, but they were booked up.

To make matters worse, my freight cost was through the roof, because in Louisiana, we had to install something called a “Superdish” and not only was it a pain to install, but it increased shipping costs and our distributor didn’t have them in stock like they should have, which caused major problems for us.

So, I worked for a guy for ADT for a couple of days, and loved the people so much that I really just wanted to stay there.  People were very warm and inviting.  I was in a grocery store and a couple invited me over to eat.

I was wow’d.

Not to mention, I was seeing opportunities all over the place.

Guys were making cash money simply removing trees from people’s property because people didn’t want to deal with the insurance.

Thousands of dollars per day were being made easily.

So, I called my partner back home, but my mother was working for us, and was in a panic.  She said if I didn’t return back, she was going to shut the business down, because he hadn’t been coming in, hadn’t been producing, and had been draining the bank account of the business.

I was just starting to get on a roll, but I had to return home!


I tried to keep it going in various forms over the next couple of years, but the business was dead, and good riddance.

Change is always so incredibly hard.

But, it’s been a constant in my life.

During this time my grandmother and step-father were taken by cancer and very quickly.  I was broke and living with Mom, and we both were just trying to figure out what the heck we wanted to do in the world.

It was 2007 at this time and going on 2008.

We were in shambles.

When you put a lot of time into a venture it’s very hard to accept defeat at such a young age when you don’t understand the principles of business.


I had done other things as well during my satellite time and that was part of my problem as well.  I was always so spread out over so many things.

I started a grocery delivery service called “Good Neighbors” and even got a local grocery store to go along with it.

I was about 10-20 years too early on this enterprise.

I started it for a friend of mine that was looking for direction.

However, he had no business smarts, did not want to put any time into it, and I closed the business down after only serving 1 customer.

I got in hot water more than a few times when I let my love of politics get me as I started up a message board in my hometown that started getting a lot of traffic.  All it was, was a community message board, but you wouldn’t believe the fire storms that were created as a result of it.

Police officers were constantly on the board with fake names, along with city officials, and many people who just wanted to throw dirt and hurt feelings.  Politically, I’m a stone cold libertarian, and this was around the time that Ron Paul started to come to prominence politically during the 2008 election and up to it.

It wasn’t the time and I wasn’t the person and I closed that chapter as quickly as I could.

I then started a website called “Give John a Dollar” and wrote articles on various topics and offered to give “value for value” as I had all kinds of business ideas that I would never do, or couldn’t afford, that I gave away for free.

I made over $100 in donations, and had it up for a few years, but it was a time suck and wasn’t profitable (or even fun anymore) in anyway whatsoever.

I then re-started my friendship with one of my old partners from the original satellite and cell phone business and we started a door flyer service for local business called “Flyer Buddies” with him and I being the Flyer Buddies!

Gay, but cool.

It was a neat concept, we got some business with it, but even though I look at the guy as a literal brother (I have no brothers or sisters) we simply have major personality differences and we had a good thing that we simply couldn’t make work because of the both of us.

This had been a consistent theme for me for a long time.

I never picked the right business partners in the past, nor did I have the foresight or awareness to realize that I never vetted them properly and kept forming businesses based off of friendships rather than having the right mix of people for the job.

Gandhi once spoke about his theory of non-attachment, stated simply, that people that are attached to each other tend to react off of one another.  

For example, when people meet for the first time, they are generally respectful.

But, when people get comfortable with one another, they easily react off of one another, as anyone of you reading who has a mother, father, sister, brother, children, friends, or co-workers can most readily and immediately understand.

I broke off with my partner and took the Flyer Buddies business as my own. However, it was in the hole already, needed specialization, and I just wasn’t the person for the job and quickly started to realize it.

I sold the business for the paltry sum of $6,000 and washed my hands of it.

My mother was in the process of buying a small diner on contract in a very small town of 800 people, but too many of the limited population had Hatfield and McCoy type of feuds going on and the building she was in was falling apart and a good portion of my $6,000 went to repairing it.

To make matters worse, there was a major sewage problem, and after repairing so many things and running out of money, the board of health made her shut it down until it was fixed.

The world was collapsing around me, again, but in chaos lies opportunity.


It was around this time that I seriously started considering starting a female wrestling company.

I had good knowledge of the ladies and people in the industry as I had a website called “The Catfight Report” and later started a website called “Catfight Fantasy Girls” as both of these sites taught me a lot about the web and how to maintain and work a website.

I started the Catfight Report in 2008 and had interviews with many ladies, including Tylene Buck, Lana Starr, Tanya Danielle, Fightbabe Robin, and many more.

Some of the interviews were text interviews while on some of the others the ladies answered my questions on video and then I posted the video interview for fans.

(My favorite video from that time was a video that DT Productions made specifically for the Catfight Report, where they did a short interview with Tylene Buck about a real catfight she had with Kimberly Page at WCW.  That single video got millions of views worldwide.)

I actually was making some money with Catfight Report and I enjoyed it.  Not enough to live on, but it had serious potential.   In the distant past, I had done some story writing for a female wrestling site, so I wanted to start something like it where the ladies actually approved of their participation.

So, I started Catfight Fantasy Girls.

It was a story website where the fans voted on who won.  From a marketing perspective, I think it was genius because it allowed for free advertising for the ladies in the industry, and I would make money when people signed up at their site if they had affiliate programs.

I had ladies such as Chasey Lain, Jewell Marceau, Tanya Danielle, Ariel X, Keri Spectrum, Bridgetta Tomarchio of the Extenze commercials, and many more who allowed me to write as their likeness on the site.  I tried to use a fair measuring system.  If say one lady won by 70 percent, and the other lost by 30 percent, I would try to write the story where the winner was controlling 70 percent to the best of my ability.

Each of the ladies would make a short video saying, Hi, my name is “my name” and I’m a Catfight Fantasy Girl, at Catfight Fantasy!   It was a requirement so people knew I actually had their permission and wasn’t writing about them willy nilly.

I had a monthly vine called the “Catfight Report Internet Magazine” and had various volumes.

I also started doing marketing for some of the female wrestling companies in the business and made some money that way as well.

I really liked being “behind the veil” in the sense and that’s when I coined the pen name “Johnny Ringo” as the name popped in my head from the movie Tombstone, of which I greatly enjoyed.

I really don’t have a great story on why I chose the name.  I feel no likeness with the character in the movie.  I just remember seeing that it was largely free on Google, and I figured if people googled me, they could easily find me.

However, as I went along, something really started to bug me that I was starting to notice about myself personally.

I always thought I was a fan of “catfights” which is a term for two women fighting each other in physical combat. It wasn’t the catfights I liked.  I didn’t like seeing a girl getting her hair pulled out, or bloodied, or punched.

Especially in person.

Looking at the female wrestling industry at the time, the ladies on TV were never really given prominence. They were always the back card for the men.   Never got really good story angles.

In the competitive female wrestling industry, many companies would keep pushing out the same matches.  To me, it seemed endless.  Further, one thing I didn’t personally like about the competitive industry, was that they didn’t tell stories like they do on TV.

In my view, they miss the boat on the fact that fans like you and me form emotional connections with the characters we watch in film, read in books, and the same goes for female wrestling in my personal view.

These factors led to the formation of the Female Wrestling Channel.

After my mother shut down her cafe, and after I sold my flyer business, the big question of “what is next” was heavily on my mind.   She went to go live with a friend on a farm and I moved back to a larger city and started selling suits for Men’s Wearhouse in 2011.

It was around this time that I met Monroe Jamison and Savannah Scissors for the very first time.

Of course, that is not their names in real life.

Hammer Flair used to have a party every year at his place in December called “Kegmas”.

Well, during “Kegmas 2010” I was inviting girls on Myspace to the party through an event invite.

I invited one girl, who I didn’t even know who was from out of town, and she messaged me and said she would be in town that night and that we should hang out.   So, we hung out, became friends, and a week or two later as I was absolutely blown away when I laid eyes on her friend Monroe Jamison for the first time.

I was smitten.  I was a guy who never really had a steady girlfriend as I liked to party, have fun, and just was never interested in that.  But, this lady was different.  Really related to me.  God, so beautiful.  I pursued her.  For months.

Long story short, Monroe rebuffed all my advances.

I gave up.

Starting seeking other ladies.

That’s when I met Savannah Scissors.   I dated her for a couple of weeks maybe.   Well, I was at a local festival and Monroe saw me (looking good that day) and flirting with a large number of ladies.

Jealousy arose in her and she was very flirty with me.  So, she ended up giving me a chance.  Rejection after rejection, even with me dramatically standing in the rain one night trying to find her window in a vast apartment complex, to throw pebbles at, I was defeated in my pursuit of her many times.

I told Savannah that I wanted to pursue Monroe, as I had been trying for quite some time, and she was very nice about it and I finally took Monroe out on a date for the first time.

We then started dating and we are still dating to this day.

This month is our 4 year anniversary of being together.

It’s the longest either one of us have ever been in a relationship.

Our love was blooming, but I was getting bored at Men’s Warehouse, and had the idea for this company swirling around in my head.   But, I was broke, was driving an old, super junky, broken down van, and was just really feeling down in life after all my business disasters the decade before.

It all boiled down to one simple concept.

If I was to be successful, I had to have something that I could put my all into, that I actually loved.  

When I looked at all the things in my life I loved, Cubs baseball, libertarian politics, and many other minor interests, it was decided by me that my top interest was real competitive female mat wrestling and someone needed to try to take it further than the people out there currently.

I feel like I’m the man for the job even if history proves me incorrect.

I love this business, I love the potential of it, I love the fans, I’ve made so many great friendships in the short 3 years here, lasting friendships, and I just really want to take this thing as far as you fans will let us take it with your support.

Monroe Jamison is also clearly the woman for the job as well and this company would not be possible without her filling in on so many occasions when ladies didn’t show up, or when plans suddenly changed, and when she had to wrestle while on the period, or having cramps, or feeling crappy, but unlike so many others she always rises to the challenge.

She may be my girlfriend, but there is not another person on planet earth that cares about the Female Wrestling Channel at the time of this writing as myself and Monroe.

That is no disrespect to the other ladies on the roster, but even they would agree.  We are putting our life into this.  There is no looking back. We are going as far as we go.  “This” is who we are. “This” is what we do.

The decision to start this came in late 2011.   A good friend of mine had an auto accident when he was young and had an annuity that he could cash out.  He decided to do so and knew that I really wanted to start this wrestling company.

The Female Wrestling Channel Begins!

I still had the Catfight Report and Catfight Fantasy Girls, and knowing nothing about this business, or websites, or real hosting, I decided to go with CC Bill and a company called Metrix, and ended up paying $400 per month for the website to be up.

It almost sunk me financially and time wise.

Lack of knowledge will do that to a person.

In what turned out to be a terrible idea, when I first opened the site, I merged the Catfight Report and Catfight Fantasy Girls into the site to make a “supersite” of sorts.  The reaction from ladies I tried to recruit told the story quickly.  A site talking about catfights, with nude pictures, but non-nude real female wrestling simply wasn’t going to fly and it was poor planning and vision on my part trying to do so in a state as conservative as mine.

It wasn’t what I would call appealing.

Little did I know, it would most likely not ever be appealing to most females no matter how I framed it.

But, I got a camera.

I bought mats.

I had money for matches.


I had to find my first two ladies!

As a fan, you can only imagine my shock and surprise when I got Monroe and Savannah to agree to wrestle.

In a fetish type of way, it was like, here is two ladies that I have had relations with, and they are going to go at it on the mat right in front of me.

“Wow” doesn’t accurately describe.

I will never, ever forget the date.   It was February 23rd of 2012.   That was the day the FWC began as we filmed what we would later call “Episode 1“.

Savannah won.  And won again on Episode 2.   My girlfriend was broken, crying, and considering quitting.  But, Monroe came back and beat her on a single fall on Episode 3, and at the time of this writing, the only FWC roster lady in FWC history to defeat her at the time of this writing since is Foxy Rain who did so on Episode 36 and Episode 54.

(Monroe also lost to non-roster lady Cheyenne Jewel, a former Catfight Fantasy Girl, on Episode 40)

It wasn’t until Episode 5 that we got the idea to turn it into an ongoing story.

That’s why the first 4 episodes of the FWC make no sense in a continual storyline fashion.

Making things even more challenging, a friend of mine was supposed to help on filming and video editing, but he disappeared when I needed him early on.

Thus, I had to learn all of it on the fly, and I’m still learning today and I’m still a novice at filming.  Not to mention, I could have never imagined at the time how hard it is to write a cohesive story like this, that has no beginning, no planned end, where the characters come, go, and disappear in real life for all kinds of real life reasons.

Trying to keep continuity in this ongoing storyline is a massive challenge.

I like it, because if any of my competitors want to go this route, they can learn of the extreme challenges and heartaches on their own.

But, it’s a real challenge writing an ongoing storyline where the outcomes of the matches are REAL!


This is what makes the FWC unique.  I don’t know where the story will go, the ladies don’t, and you as a fan certainly don’t.  I could show up at a celebrity’s house on the next episode.   Nowadays, you won’t get much warning.  I want things to be spontaneous and exciting.

It’s been a hard journey.

Story or not, REAL female wrestling is super unique.

So unique, and scary to some, that friends, family, and especially most of all boyfriends and husbands of the ladies give them constant strife over their decision to be a wrestler for us.

Pro Wrestling companies often consider us too adult as they have kids on their site and often cater to families.

Youtube and Dailymotion cancel our accounts with impunity and will not listen or consider our appeals.

Some people that have never seen this type of thing instantly label it “porn” even though we have no nudity and probably because we still have very basic production quality skills and equipment.

Traditional marketing seems like a waste of money as it’s very un-targeted.

Either way, we will see.

It’s easy to forget I’m only 3 years into this.

My goal now is to build the foundation here.

I don’t know where this story is going to go, much like the story in our storyline, as the two often are so similar.

We take some of the real life events and make them part of the episodes.

The stuff that happens off camera is far more interesting.

I wish I could record all the things that have happened behind the scenes, as you fans would truly flip if you heard/knew all the stories.  Truly incredible in 3 years time.

I could write a book, but then I would be guaranteed to not live long either.

It’s so hard for some of these ladies to divide their real life personas with the characters.

An incredible challenge I never anticipated and improve upon weekly.

It’s so very hard to teach them how to market themselves, in such a limited industry.

It’s hard for me sometimes to be the leader. But, as you go along as a producer, and you meet these people, share in their joys and their pains, you don’t think so much about the wrestling being sexy while you are filming or editing.

I want to build these ladies a better life and I want to move the needle a bit further and get more people interested/watching/supporting real female competitive mat wrestling.

This is what I hope to be my legacy.

Without you reading this and supporting us financially at times, it will be impossible.

Thank You To All Of You For Giving Me This Opportunity!

Many of you are going to be riding along with me on this journey.

Let’s make it an exciting one!

I guarantee YOU NOR ME have no idea where our collective story goes next!


— Ringo —



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