Amber O’Neal

Women’s Professional Wrestler!

Amber O'Neal - Female Wrestler

Amber O’Neal was born in 1974.

She first got into the sport by becoming a fan of Sable – (WWE) – and from watching Pro Wrestling with a friend of hers that was a fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Her bodyscissors and headscissors would have been fierce (and still would be) in our real and competitive mat wrestling matches at the Female Wrestling Channel.

She also captivated fans by using a version of the “Stinkface” which she called “The Booty Bop” where she would shove her superior derriere into her opponent’s faces in the ring corner in an act of massive humiliation and superiority on Amber’s part.

In her personal life, Amber O’Neal was married at one time to another Pro Wrestler by the name of Luke Gallows.

Amber’s favorite wrestlers include Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Trish Stratus according to her Wikipedia entry.

To say that Amber was an extremely visible wrestler with a storied wrestling career would be an understatement!

Companies that Amber O’Neal has Wrestled for along with Accomplishments:

  • Ring of Honor – (ROH)
  • New Japan Pro Wrestling – (NJPW) – (Amber Gallows)
  • Shimmer
  • Women’s Extreme Wrestling
  • Professional Girl Wrestling Association – (PGWA)
  • Carolina Wrestling Federation
  • Total Nonstop Action Wrestling – (TNA)
  • National Wrestling Alliance – (NWA)
  • Women Superstars Uncensored – (WSU)
  • Pro Wrestling Superstars
  • SCWA Wrestling
  • Wrestlelicious
  • Shine Wrestling
  • Women of Wrestling – (WOW)
  • UWW Wrestling – (BELOW)
  • Cherry Bomb Wrestling – (BELOW)

The vast majority of content involving Amber O’Neal below is from Cherry Bomb Wrestling – (CBW).

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