Aria Blake vs Salina De La Renta - Ladies Pro Wrestling

Aria Blake vs Salina De La Renta

Good Friends – Better Enemies!

Bored with “scripted” pro wrestling matches…..friends Salina De La Renta and Aria Blake quite possibly inspired by a special daddy out there that put them together….decide they want a “real” match together in “Good Friends, Better Enemies”, having a 20 minute Pins Only, Most Falls wins contest, and they manage to “magically” get Kathy Owens to show up for them as the Special Referee for it.

Now because this is “real”, it’s not a typical 3 count to win match, but rather 5 under more traditional pin rules.

Not to say the rest of the match isn’t typical though in terms of attacks, because parts of it are!

Pins of many different styles, some more creative than others, are employed throughout the match, but as tempers flare up a bit between these two normally good friends, so does the action with it! There’s harsh Kicks, Knees, Stomps, Belly Punches, Chokes, DDTs and much more used as Salina and Aria fight it out! Who manages to score the most falls when all is said and done?

Fun twist on the usual matches here with all sorts of unique pins used as part of that, but just as intensely fought for sure! These two enjoy their time with each other, a fact that they show when it’s all over with, but during the battle they are in it to win it all the way!

(Female Wrestling Channel Note:   Despite it claiming that this match is “REAL” in the storyline description above, this is a SCRIPTED matchup)


  • TITLE:  Aria Blake vs Salina De La Renta
  • GENRE:  SCRIPTED IN-RING Pro Style Women’s Wrestling
  • LENGTH:  20 minutes and 20 seconds long
  • DATE RELEASED ON THIS WEBSITE:  February 14th 2020
  • FILE SIZE:  1.2GB
  • TYPE:   4K
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  • Female Wrestling Moves you will see in this Video:
  • Arm Bar
  • Back Butt Drop
  • Belly Punching
  • Body Stomping
  • Camel Clutch
  • Chokes (Boot Choke & Rear Naked Choke)
  • Double Axe Handles, DDTs (DDT & Floatover DDT)
  • Fishhook
  • Hammerlock
  • Kicking (Running Side Kick, Spinning Side Kick, Shoot Kicks, Soccer Kicks & Sole Kicks)
  • Knee to Body
  • Kneeing Low Blow
  • Mat Face Slam
  • Side Leg Lock
  • Single Leg Takedown
  • Snapmare Takeover
  • Surfboard Stretch
  • Vertical Butt Bump
  • Waistlock

UWW – Aria Blake vs Salina De La Renta – #1

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Aria Blake vs Salina De La Renta – #1

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1 review for UWW - Aria Blake vs Salina De La Renta - #1

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    A fun pins only between two best friends who just want to see who is the better wrestler, one girl soon realizes she has to win and some devious actions take place. Uww does a great job with this one as Salina De La Renta and Aria Blake showcase their knowledge and skills in a fast paced match with some humor sprinkled in. 4 stars would have been 4.5 but that is not a n option

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