Hanz vs Taylor - Mixed Competitive Wrestling

Hanz Vanderkill vs Taylor

Hanz Takes On An Ambitious Weightlifter!

Taylor is from Australia and enjoys Power lifting and Weight Lifting as a hobby.

Today, this Blonde Australian hardbody makes her mixed wrestling video debut against Hanz Vanderkill.

Taylor is a life long athlete with a particular liking for contact sports, power lifting and olympic lifting.

One look at her and it’s easy to see her 5’7″ 145lb frame is packed with sleek solid muscle.

She’s strong, naturally competitive and has endurance for days!

Right away Taylor and Hanz lock in a power struggle with each of them getting the upper hand while rolling back and forth for control.

There’s lots of close body to body contact and grueling muscling as both seem confident their endurance can out last the other’s.

Soon enough one of them is able to stretch their opponent out in a full nelson scissor combo to claim the first submission.

From there it’s on!

Both Taylor and Hanz grip, muscle and twist each other into a total of 17 submissions!

Just when one of them thinks they’re safe they find their body blasted by the others legs and arms.

As soon as one of them gets a good grip it’s a quick tap out!

As the sweat starts to shine the competitiveness starts to show as the action gets rougher and the body locks become more intense.

Eventually one of them is able to build a lead in submissions…………. but this only makes their opponent fight even harder.

In the end………… one of them grinds out a hard fought victory but both seem composed enough to go another full 20 minutes.

A true athletic struggle between two well matched physiques that is sure to be a competitive mixed classic.





  • TITLE:  Hanz Vanderkill vs Taylor – #1
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  • Hanz vs Taylor – HD – 20 minutes and 53 seconds – 581MB
  • ORIGINALLY RELEASED:  September 2017
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Hanz Vanderkill vs Taylor – #1


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