Hanz Vanderkill vs Kami Kyller = Competitive Mixed Wrestling - 2019

Hanz VanderKill vs Kami Kyller

Man vs Woman Mixed Wrestling!

Kami steps onto the mats with Hanz in a riveting mixed wrestling match!

Although a newcomer to the scene, Kami has been wrestling for at least 6 years.

She started with scholastic and eventually transitioned to BJJ where she currently has a belt.

She is also physically strong and naturally athletic from years of swimming and track.

She is not a challenge to be taken lightly!

As it turns out Kami sought out this challenge when she had heard about Hanz from a mutual friend.

Always in search of tough challenges she was hopeful Hanz would provide one and that’s exactly what she gets.

From the opening moments it’s clear both grapplers get taken by surprise at the level of challenge offered by the other and a tough back and forth struggle is underway!

As they trade positions, top and bottom, squeezes and submission attempts it is anyone’s guess who will wear down whom.

Kami is even able to tough it out when Hanz catches her in a bodyscissors much to his chagrin.

An instant classic for the sporty competitive mixed wrestling fan!

Kami Kyller – 5’5 165 lbs
Hanz VanderKill –  6’1 185 lbs




  • OWNER OF THIS CONTENT:  Hanz VanderKill
  • TITLE:  Hanz Vanderkill vs Kami Kyller
  • FALLS: Multiple
  • DURATION:  21 minutes and 01 seconds
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  • ORIGINALLY RELEASED:  March 15th 2019
  • RELEASED ON FWC:  February 16th 2020
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Hanz Vanderkill vs Kami Kyller


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