Hanz vs QueenVeinyFeet

Competitive Mixed Wrestling!

QueenVeinyFeet finds her way into the wrestling world and takes on Hanz in a spirited and very playful mixed tussel!

Confident though she may be, she soon finds herself wrapped up in various scissors, full nelsons and otherwise body-locked to submission.

Never the one to be discouraged QueenVeinyFeet comes back strong again and again, throwing everything she has into trying to dominate her mixed tormentor!

The score is one sided and the tone is playful.

Adding to that is the undeniable chemistry between the two wrestlers as they continuously tackle each other to the mats.

They continuously taunt eachother any time they get the upper hand.

By the end both are sweaty, satisfied and shiny from a little bit of oil that they rubbed on eachother before the match.

It was their first wrestling match together and surely not to be their last.

QueenVeinyFeet: 5’4” 140 lbs
Hanz:  6’1” 175 lbs

  • OWNER OF THIS CONTENT:  Hanz VanderKill
  • TITLE:  Hanz vs QueenVeinyFeet
  • FALLS: Multiple
  • Hanz vs QueenVeinyFeet – HD – 21 minutes and 50 seconds – 1.57GB
  • ORIGINALLY FILMED:  July 23 2019
  • RELEASED ON FWC:  October 1st 2019
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Hanz Vanderkill vs QueenVeinyFeet


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