Aqua X vs Hanz Vanderkill - Competitive Interracial Mixed Wrestling!

Aqua X vs Hanz Vanderkill

Interracial Mixed Wrestling!

In this mixed wrestling challenge Hanz Vanderkill is pitted against newcomer Aqua X.

Long, lithe slender and strong, Aqua X is a self-trained dancer, performance artist, and model with a self-described inclination for art erotica.

As striking as her physicality is, her presence is even more alluring.

Confident, intelligent with a totally game attitude for wrestling, something she has been wanting to get into for a while now.

The opening minutes of this match resemble a tangled Capoeira dance with each Aqua and Hanz feeling each other out and rapidly reversing positions on each other.

There are momentary pins and near scissors from both of them as the almost rhythmically struggle and flow back and forth.

After several minutes it is Hanz who is able to strike first, wrapping his legs securely around Aqua’s waist and slowly compressing her tight abs to extract the first submission.

Fighting against an experience gap, Aqua soon finds her legs, literally.

She catches Hanz around the neck with her long dancer thighs, which Hanz soon finds out are packed with solid muscle!

Once she starts to squeeze she the struggles slowly cease and Hanz has no choice but to tap!

Her strategy now set, it rapidly becomes a battle of legs.

Both Aqua and Hanz maneuver for control both of them looking to trap the other between their own thighs while avoiding the dangerous power of the others!

Multiple times Aqua catches Hanz between her strong legs and multiple times she is subjected to Hanz’s powerful squeezes!

There are multiple submissions on both sides.

Will the Dancer out maneuver her prey?

Or will she find herself too often trapped in a tangled web from which she cannot escape?

A graceful, back-and-forth mixed wrestling debut not to be missed!

Aqua X: 5’8” 120 lbs
Hanz:  6’1” 170 lbs




  • TITLE:  Aqua X vs Hanz Vanderkill
  • FALLS: Multiple
  • Hanz vs Aqua X – HD – 21 minutes and 23 seconds – 582MB
  • ORIGINALLY FILMED:  July 23 2017
  • RELEASED ON FWC:   October 1st 2019
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Aqua X vs Hanz Vanderkill


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