Athena vs Hanz Vanderkill

Competitive Mixed Wrestling!

After 4 long years since their last match, London’s own Athena accepts Hanz’s invite to come face him on the mats in this long awaited rematch between old friends.

Athena has wrestled for 7 years, has a background in Dance, and is always a threat with her big powerful dancer thighs!

She has always loved to squeeze and upon accepting Hanz’s challenge warns him that she’s even much stronger now.

Their last match was close up, muscle to muscle, power against power, and this match continues along those lines.

Athena is big and strong and able to match pure strength enough for pin downs and muscling herself on top of her intended prey.

Hanz struggles back trying to find a way to wrap around his powerful opponent and put the squeeze right back on her!

Crushing scissors, punishing grapevines (one of Athena’s signatures) and dominant pin downs score multiple submissions between them.

In the end one of them is able to score a narrow victory over their old-school wrestle rival.

Who shall it it be? Athena with her thick powerful muscles?

Or Hanz with his ever tenacious desire to conquer?

Find out in this first of three challenges filmed on this evening…

Athena: 5’9” 170 lbs
Hanz:  6’1” 180 lbs




  • TITLE:  Athena vs Hanz Vanderkill – #2
  • FALLS: Multiple
  • Hanz vs Athena- HD – 21 minutes and 19 seconds – 1.08GB
  • ORIGINALLY FILMED:  October 23 2018
  • RELEASED ON FWC:   October 1st 2019
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Athena vs Hanz Vanderkill – #2


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