Boxing - Star Treatment - Part 2 - Eden Sins vs Sunny Vixen - Scripted Women's Wrestling

Eden Sins vs Sunny Vixen

Eden is the STAR around here…….and AIMS to prove it!

Eden Sins knows she is beautiful.

But, what really makes Eden stand out is her eagerness to learn new things.

In this video, you will see Eden go toe to toe with Sunny Vixen as she wants to show she can take her down using 3 fighting genres at once:

– Competitive Wrestling Moves
– Pro Wrestling Moves such as Camel Clutches and Boston Crabs
– Boxing Moves

However, Sunny is not one to back down from a fight.

She has some moves of her own.

Who is going to WIN this battle?

Female Fighting! 




  • TITLE:  Star Treatment – #2 – Eden Sins vs Sunny Vixen
  • GENRE: FWC SCRIPTED – Scripted Pro and Competitive Style Boxing and Wrestling
  • LENGTH:  20 minutes and 43 seconds long
  • RELEASED:  August 15th 2020
  • FILE SIZE:  3.9GB
  • DOWNLOAD METHOD:  Google Drive
  • Filmed in 4K
  • Sunny is ?? years old. She stands at 5’7″ and weighs 118lbs
  • Eden is ?? years old. She stands 5’3″ and weighs 110lbs
  • This match is Scripted and Predetermined.   It is not real, but Eden and Sunny delivered some very hard punches.  Sunny also didn’t want to go down when she was supposed to at times and you will see Eden take her down hard a few times to get her onto the mat.  
  • Sunny had asked before this matchup started………are we hitting each other for real?   “At times” in this scripted match, you will think so!
  • A fan of ours from France was the one who requested and funded this custom
  • Download AND Mobile Link will be sent to your email after you complete your purchase
  • Watch anywhere on most devices


“Star Treatment” – #2 – Eden Sins vs Sunny Vixen


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