THE RINGO LETTERS – #14 – Why Do We Allow The Body Scissors, Breast Smother, Headscissors, and Schoolgirl Pin?

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Buffy Ellington vs Callisto Strike - Breast Smothers Only - 2017
The Breast Smother is pictured above – Buffy vs Callisto – 2017

Carmella Ringo vs Scarlett Squeeze - Schoolgirl Pin

The Schoolgirl Pin is pictured above – from Introducing Carmella Ringo and Scarlett Squeeze

Callisto Strike vs Monroe Jamison - Re-teaching the Body Scissors

The Bodyscissors Submission is pictured above – from Re-Teaching the Leg Scissors – w/ Callisto Strike and Monroe Jamison

Carmella Ringo headscissors Monroe Jamison

The Headscissors Submission is pictured above – from Re-Introducing Carmella Ringo – w/ Carmella Ringo and Monroe Jamison

Are you a Fan?

Or a Critic?

Either way, you might have asked yourself before…..

Why Did We Choose These Moves?    

In the formative days of the Female Wrestling Channel there were many directions that we could have gone.

I looked at pro wrestling.

Seems like the risk of long term injury as a pro wrestler is fairly substantial.

EVERYONE is doing it.

In terms of the wrestling industry in general.

Same formula, every single time.

I looked at college wrestling.

I really don’t like seeing people thrown down.

Mat or no mat.

Standing just really doesn’t seem necessary to me.

I Wanted Something Safe That ANY WOMAN In The World Could Try (with minimal training) And Still Have A High Chance Of Success Fairly Immediately!   

Even on the woman’s very first try.

(we have seen it here many times)


That was not enough.

The majority of the customers MOST CERTAINLY were going to be MEN.

How about doing something where we have the action be REAL and combine relatively SAFE women’s wrestling with SEXY?


Even as a long time fan of some of the “sexier” competitive and scripted female wrestling companies I had no intentions of starting my own business.

However, it occurred to me that almost every company out there seems to ignore (or lack) the power of good story telling and character development.

(both are hard to produce and maintain!)


What bothered me the most is that many of the “female wrestling” companies out there were simply emulating what the other guys were doing.

Other guys meaning the WWE and the ring based Pro Wrestling companies.

Everyone keeps doing the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER.

No creativity.

I wanted to first create moves that were safe.

That any woman can do.

However, not only did I want these moves to be extremely effective I also wanted to create moves that were UNIQUELY FEMALE.

On our mats.

Within Our Created Rules

The female absolutely has the advantage if she is to face a similar sized guy in the majority of situations.

Even bigger guys in SOME cases as well.

HE most likely is not going to use the breast smother.

If he does he is going to look quite silly and it’s probably going to be very ineffective.

For those of you who have never been in a strong breast smother it’s NO JOKE.

It’s a powerful move depending on the woman using it.

Another thing.

There are a good number of women that have STRONGER lower bodies than their male counterparts.

This is where the leg scissors and the schoolgirl pin become paramount!

I can tell you right now that the schoolgirl pin “can be” an effective weapon when facing another guy or girl.

All the lady’s weight is centered forward upon your opponent and it is the absolute best way to pin a girl’s (or guys) shoulders down for the required 10 seconds.


No male or female is going to be able to withstand a strong headscissors and very few can with-stand a hard bodyscissors.

This is when a lady uses her legs to squeeze out her opponent to make them TAP!

In our world….. a woman can beat just about ANY guy or girl if she can get this move on and has it CLAMPED TIGHT.


REAL and COMPETITIVE Women’s Wrestling!

I think it’s pretty darn cool.

How about you?

— Ringo —

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED:   October 28th 2013
REVISED AND UPDATED:   October 5th 2019

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