Schoolgirl Pin

Monroe Jamison vs Sunny Vixen - Sunny Days! - Female Wrestling Images from 2020! - Schoolgirl Pin!


The Schoolgirl Pin is a move where the girl wrestles another girl down onto her back and then proceeds to sit on top of her chest, breasts or neck while straddling her knees on either side.

It can be very hard to escape from.

Especially if the person initiating the move is heavier than the girl underneath and has good balance.

The arms can be held down or the knees pressed on the loser’s shoulders.

Often the winner will emerge victorious by sitting on top of the defeated loser!

All Videos and Photos below have the Schoolgirl Pin Included!

Buffy Ellington vs Eden Sins - When Babes Collide! - Women Wrestling Photos!
Schoolgirl Pin 4

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