Introducing the Tigress Sisters - Mya and Mylina Tigress - Wrestling Training - 2018

Mya Tigress vs Mylina Tigress

Two New Ladies Debut!

Mya Tigress and Mylina Tigress make their debuts and are looking to take over the Female Wrestling Channel…………….TOGETHER!

These two are not sisters in real life, but they are very good friends.

Our storylines are going to be starting up here again soon, so we wanted to have a sister duo potentially ready to go when the new Episodes begin.

Can they show they are more than just pretty faces as they attempt to climb the Female Wrestling Channel ladder?

Note:   The ladies did not have character names chosen before the filming of this.   Thus, they are unnamed in the video.  Mylina is in the yellow top.   Mya is in the grey top.





  • TITLE:   Introducing The Tigress Sisters
  • GENRE:  FWC EXTRAS – REAL and COMPETITIVE Training and Wrestling
  • FALLS:    3 competitive falls
  • LENGTH:  22 minutes and 40 seconds long
  • RELEASED:  August 5th 2018
  • FILE SIZE:  1.5GB
  • Filmed in HDR
  • Mya is 20 years old.  She stands 5’1″ and weighs 125lbs
  • Mylina is 20 years old.   She stands at 5’2″ and weighs 135lbs
  • Mylina and Mya get trained on our style of moves by Johnny Ringo in our Indianapolis studio
  • Watch both ladies learn and practice all of our FWC Moves on each other
  • Mya and Mylina have 3 fully competitive wrestling falls against each other
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Introducing The Tigress Sisters

(2 customer reviews)


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2 reviews for Introducing The Tigress Sisters

  1. Donell Clemons

    Not bad for first time wrestling. They both just seem nervous.

  2. clemakufo63317000

    Two more new girls who are nameless as of this FWC Extra try wrestling for the first time as friends… Who wins!!! Download the video to find out…

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