“Domestic Dispute” – Monroe Jamison vs Johnny Ringo

Boyfriend vs Girlfriend Photoshoot! - Monroe Jamison vs Johnny Ringo - Male vs Female Fighting Photos!


In the current video storyline here at the Female Wrestling Channel it’s obvious that Monroe Jamison and Johnny Ringo are heading for a collision of some sort.

Monroe is secretly sitting and waiting for the chance to drive Johnny Ringo away from the company so she can claim it for her very own.

Johnny is focused on building his female wrestling venture, but can’t seem to figure out why girls who commit to show up to work with do not show up when they agree to do so.

It’s not yet clear to Johnny Ringo…..but our members who have been following the story are well aware that Monroe is unhitching her plan bit by bit and has been sabotaging the operation from behind the scenes this entire time.

Will Monroe’s plan succeed?

Or, will Johnny Ringo put the pieces together in time?

  • TITLE:  Domestic Dispute! – featuring Monroe Jamison vs Johnny Ringo
  • GENRE:  Photosets
  • # of Pictures:  33
  • RELEASED: April 29th 2013
  • Photos by Hammer
  • Monroe is 27 years old. She stands 5’7″ and weighs 125lbs.
  • Johnny is 32 years old. He stands 6 foot tall and weighs 165lbs.
  • The following is a photoshoot we put together we are calling “Domestic Dispute”.
  • It gives a step by step showing of what could possibly happen if Monroe Jamison and Johnny end up colliding!
  • After you purchase, you will be sent a private link to view all of the pictures on a cell phone or a computer.
  • If you are an active member, simply log in right now to download/view on this same page.
  • Money Back Guarantee if this product is not as described!



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