“The Fighting Wildcat” – Ashley Wildcat

The Fighting Wildcat - Female Wrestling Photos of Ashley Wildcat - Woman Wrestler!

The Fighting Wildcat will not back down!

Ashley Wildcat.

In our storyline, it was Monroe Jamison who brought Ashley Wildcat into the fold.

Monroe was not only interested in her ability as a performer, but primarily, she wanted to try and show Johnny Ringo at the time that she was trying to bring girls on rather than knock them off.

Will Ashley and Monroe remain friends in real life or in our story?

They had one of the hottest feuds we have ever had.

The type of feud that women wrestling fans dream about.

This photoset contains still shots of Ashley on her own AND and photos of Monroe training Ashley on our style of moves.

You are also free to purchase the FWC Extra video where Monroe trains Ashley separately.

  • TITLE:  The Fighting Wildcat! – featuring Ashley Wildcat
  • GENRE:  Photosets
  • # of Pictures: 140
  • RELEASED:  September 4th 2013
  • Photos by Hammer
  • Ashley is 26 years old.  She stands at 5’9″ and weighs 130lbs.
  • In real life, Johnny tried to get Ashley to try out wrestling for months.  She had never wrestled before in her life and was selling a product called “Legalshield”.  When Johnny convinced her that she could sell her product to our fan base, she finally decided to give women’s wrestling a shot for the very first time on Episode 29 as she promoted the Legalshield product in the video and to fans afterwards.
  • This photoset and video was filmed after Ashley had already wrestled a little bit as the narrative was that she was getting re-prepared for Foxy Rain training wise.
  • Ashley was one of the few ladies to leave the Female Wrestling Channel and then go on to do her own thing in the women’s wrestling world.  She still uses the same name we created for her if you want to Google her or find out what she is doing nowadays.
  • Ashley did quite a few matches where she was injured or not at 100 percent.  Hence, the name “The Fighting Wildcat” as she would still push through on these occasions!
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