Introducing Cheyanne Castle - Woman Wrestling Training! - 2019

Introducing Cheyanne Castle

Smarts and Strength!

Cheyanne Castle is an impressive young woman.

She is an artist.

She knows how to shoot a gun.

She is a kickboxer.

She is a seemingly nice and sweet young woman that you would think that you would never see in a fight.

Then, we got her out on our mats and she showed surprising strength during our training.

Then, in her single fully competitive fall with Astra Rayn………….well…………you will just have to see!

This is a woman with a LOT of potential!

Competitive Woman Wrestling Training!

  • TITLE:  Introducing Cheyanne Castle
  • GENRE:  FWC EXTRAS – REAL and COMPETITIVE Women’s Wrestling
  • FALLS:   1 Fully Competitive Fall vs Astra Rayn
  • LENGTH:  32 hour and 33 minutes long
  • RELEASED:  August 25th 2019
  • FILE SIZE:  2 GB
  • Filmed in: HD 1080 60fps
  • Cheyanne is 19 years old.  She stands at 5’9″ and weighs 109lbs
  • Astra is 18 years old.  She stands 5’7″ and weighs 138lbs
  • Cheyanne has a fully competitive fall against Astra to end the training.   Let’s just say that Cheyanne’s long legs are lethal and you would think from this video that this woman might be the strongest woman on the roster.   Can she beat Monroe Jamison or was this just a lucky start
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Introducing Cheyanne Castle


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