#59 - Lilith Cometh - Carmella Ringo vs Lilith Fire - (REAL) - 2015

Carmella Ringo vs Lilith Fire

Lilith Fire Makes Her Debut!

It’s quite possible the Black Swan in Episode 55 is finally revealing itself.

Monroe Jamison has been working hard on her quest to make the Female Wrestling Channel more mainstream.

She has secured a building for matches, has been working on getting uniforms, and has decided that she wants to try to make the FWC a more “respectable” product.

However, Johnny Ringo is not too happy about this.

He likes things being spontaneous, where you can shoot anywhere, or in people’s apartments.

He doesn’t want this to be a corporate product.

Johnny has no interest in having children watch.

The battle begins now.

Johnny is firing back against Monroe’s recent moves and calls her a “mainstreamer” for what she is attempting to do.

He invites sister Carmella Ringo, and new lady Lilith Fire, to wrestle at his new place as he looks to continue his old ways. Carmella is looking for her first ever wrestling win and Lilith is looking to surprise.

How is this going to go?

Where will this story go?

Real and Competitive Women’s Wrestling!




  • TITLE: Episode 59 – Lilith Cometh! – Lilith Fire vs Carmella Ringo
  • FALLS:  Best of 5 falls matchup
  • LENGTH: 17 minutes and 31 seconds long
  • RELEASED:  April 28th 2015
  • FILE SIZE:  595MB
  • Filmed in HD
  • Lilith is 21 years old. She stands at 5’7″ and weighs 140lbs
  • Carmella is 23 years old. She stands at 5’3″ and weighs 125lbs
  • This is Lilith’s first ever female vs female wrestling match
  • Lilith is much bigger than Carmella, but Carmella has a ton of fight in her and is very aggressive on the mats
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#59 – “Lilith Cometh” – Carmella Ringo vs Lilith Fire


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