Introducing Nala Lioness

Introducing Nala Lioness - Female Wrestling Training and Wrestling from 2019!
This young woman has been nicknamed “Nala” since her younger days because of her big, beautiful thick brown hair.

And, she doesn’t simply get the name “Nala Lioness” because of her hair!

This woman is tough.

She is a natural born fighter and even has a small amount of BJJ experience already in her pocket.

Fans are going to be amazed at Nala’s extremely strong legs when she squeezes out an opponent with a scissors.

It’s quite possible that Nala could become a force in short time.

She is trained on the moves by Monroe Jamison and then takes Monroe on in the FIRST fully competitive falls Nala has ever participated in.

Are you curious to know how she handled against Monroe?

They had two fully competitive falls after the training.

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  • TITLE:  Introducing Nala Lioness
  • GENRE:  FWC EXTRASREAL and COMPETITIVE Training and Wrestling!
  • Money Back Guarantee if this product is not as described!
  • Nala is 25 years old.  She stands 5’7″ and weighs 125lbs.
  • Monroe is 32 years old.  She stands at 5’6″ and weighs 125lbs.
  • FALLS:  2 competitive falls take place!
  • LENGTH:  45 minutes and 39 seconds long
  • RELEASED:  April 26th 2018
  • FILE SIZE:  7.5GB
  • Filmed in HDR

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2 reviews for Introducing Nala Lioness

  1. Introducing Nala Lioness 1


    Man, FWC keeps bringing in potential superstars!!! I was impressed with the way that Nala Lioness picked up the FWC moves that Monroe was teaching her… Nala is a combination of athletic having a background in BJJ helps when it comes to condition and discipline and she is also cute and sexy… She will be a force in the FWC once she commits some time to more training I can see how one day being an FWC Champion one day!!! And she is in the same weight class as Monroe and Callisto!!! Watch out ladies!!!

  2. Avatar of David Kleber

    David Kleber

    New girl definitely is going to be a handful! The pictures do not do her justice in the video for sure. Great combination of athletic and sexy. Will be interesting to see how she does going forward!

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