Introducing Agatha Delicious

Agatha Delicious

A Complete and Total Natural at REAL Women’s Wrestling!

Agatha Delicious has wrestled for a number of female wrestling companies, but she has very rarely been in REAL and COMPETITIVE wrestling action up to this point.

For a woman that is largely fearless and describes herself as “fit as fuck” you would think she would have found this much sooner!

Monroe Jamison does the training on the mats today.

It doesn’t take long and strong Agatha very long to get the moves down.

Monroe then engages in a best of 3 fall competitive matchup thinking it was probably going to be a walk in the park like normal.

However, that was NOT the case.

How did this go down?

One thing is for sure.

Agatha is a VERY competitive woman who is VERY strong.

Look out FWC Ladies and Monroe Jamison!

If you want to see Agatha more on the mats, CONTACT US to sponsor her.

Competitive Women’s Wrestling Training!


  • TITLE:  Introducing Agatha Delicious​
  • GENRE:  FWC EXTRASREAL and COMPETITIVE Women’s Wrestling and Training!
  • Money Back Guarantee if this product is not as described!
  • Agatha is 33 years old.  She stands at 5’8 and weighs 128lbs.
  • Monroe is 35 years old.  She stands at 5’6″ tall and weighs 130lbs.
  • FALLS:  Best of 3 Falls Matchup with Monroe Jamison to end the Training!
  • LENGTH:  36 minutes and 13 seconds long
  • RELEASED:  September 26th 2020
  • FILE SIZE: 3.9GB
  • Filmed in: 4K


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2 reviews for Introducing Agatha Delicious

  1. Introducing Agatha Delicious 1


    One of the best FWC Introducing videos for a while now as Agatha Delicious picked up the FWC moves quickly and was a natural on the mats.. she was strong physically, mat awareness, etc.. Get this video today!!!

  2. Avatar of burcs2000


    Agatha Delicious and Monroe is Delicious too!!! 5 Stars!

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