#21 - The Arrival of Charlee Angel - Charlee Angel vs Haley Davidson - 2012

Charlee Angel vs Haley Davidson

Charlee Angel Wrestles In Her First And Only Match At The Female Wrestling Channel

It’s Not A Good Day For Haley Davidson!

Charlee Angel is ready to make her awaited debut at the Female Wrestling Channel.

Haley Davidson is coming fresh off her first win against Phoenix Flint and is chock full of confidence.

However, young Charlee Angel, at only 19 years old is just as confident……….if not more!!!

This is a hard fought matchup with one woman left sobbing along with feeling robbed, cheated, and very frustrated when all is said and done.





You will also receive a photoset we shot between Charlee and Haley that we should have made into a photoset for sale on this website.

AND, you will ALSO receive a never released video where Charlee Angel challenged Savannah Scissors to come back to the FWC and wrestle her when Savannah was visiting Indiana for Christmas during Charlee’s time here in 2012.

Let’s just say that Savannah chickened out!

#21 - "The Arrival of Charlee Angel" – Charlee Angel vs Haley Davidson 2

  • TITLE: Episode 21 – The Arrival of Charlee Angel – Charlee Angel vs Haley Davidson
  • GENRE: THE EPISODES – REAL and COMPETITIVE Female vs Female Wrestling
  • FALLS: Best of 5 falls matchup
  • LENGTH: 28 minutes and 54 seconds long
  • RELEASED: December 6th 2012
  • FILE SIZE: 4.5GB
  • Filmed in HD
  • Charlee is 19 years old. She stands at 5’8″ and weighs 150lbs
  • Haley is 29 years old. She stands at 5’9″ and weighs 110lbs
  • Monroe trained Charlee on the moves before this Episode started.  We might one day split it out into a “Introducing Charlee Angel” video, but for now you can see everything in one video
  • Charlee and Haley had an arm wrestling match before the wrestling started as well
  • Fans of the Schoolgirl Pin (we call it the Leg Trap Pin) will love this one!   It’s rare to see the SG pin in competitive matches, but one of these women really takes it to her opponent with the move in a forward and reverse fashion
  • You will hear a lot of complaining from the loser throughout the match.  It’s very hard to see if her shoulders are down or not at times
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#21 – “The Arrival of Charlee Angel” – Charlee Angel vs Haley Davidson


  • Download and Mobile link for #21 – The Arrival of Charlee Angel – Haley Davidson vs Charlee Angel
  • Unreleased Photoset from 2012 that shows Charlee vs Haley pre-match
  • Unreleased video where Charlee Angel challenges Savannah Scissors to return to the FWC in 2012
  • Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with this purchase


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#21 - "The Arrival of Charlee Angel" – Charlee Angel vs Haley Davidson 9
#21 - "The Arrival of Charlee Angel" – Charlee Angel vs Haley Davidson 10


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