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The Ringo Letters are the sole view of Johnny Ringo, the owner of the Female Wrestling Channel, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the females that work for this company currently or in the recent past. The Ringo Letters are to serve as a vehicle for Johnny’s thoughts at a given time on FWC related subjects and non FWC related subjects.


Why Do Women Flake?

It might not be “PC” to say it.

Some women are going to deny this is the case………

And, YES!

Men flake too.  (not as much, but it happens)


The vast majority of producers who have worked in the female wrestling business for ANY LENGTH of time knows what I am saying to be true.

The vast majority of MEN in this world who have scheduled real life dates with multiple women knows what I am saying to be true.

Women Flake. It’s What They Do!

In A Dating And Work Context…………Possible Reasons Include….

  • her personal life is currently a mess
  • she has plenty of options and you are not at the top
  • she doesn’t care much about you or what you are attempting to bring to the table
  • she really, REALLY meant it when she said “Yes”, but now she has changed her mind  (women tend to be dynamic)
  • new options emerged since she said “Yes”
  • she had a pimple on her nose she didn’t want you to see
  • she forgot to shave her legs and doesn’t want to go out now in case “something happens”
  • she is fixated on another guy or opportunity
  • fear
  • she is on her period
  • she is simply disorganized
  • she actually has a boyfriend or opportunity and was simply seeking attention from you
  • on and on and on

For you guys that ask ladies on dates and they flake on you I can assure you that this is NORMAL.

For women wrestling producers that are new to the business I can assure you that this is NORMAL.

A pain in the ass to be sure.

Frustrating as hell.


For Women Wrestling Fans And Producers

The biggest thing to understand is that “what we do” goes against the grain of natural female biology.

Exceptions exist for every rule.

This means not ALL women are the same.


Most women are generally the same.

For example, you will find MOST women are big children all their lives.

You will find that they often like the same things and sometimes react the same way when things don’t go their way.

One example of many:  Women are not always rational and sometimes tend to be more emotional at times.


Not all.

It’s a beautiful thing really.

Depending on your point of view and education on the subject.

Another example.

Have You Ever Heard……………Girls Just Want To Have Fun?

Do you see women lining up to do construction and road work?

Do you notice more women or men install things like satellite dishes?

Or fix houses?

Or cars and mechanical objects?

Women are generally more interested in PEOPLE.

Men are more interested generally in THINGS.

Ever heard girls talk about how they don’t want to grow up?   The vast majority of women are simply looking for an awesome man that can take charge HIS own finances and life AND her.

She wants to be the center of his attention.   Much like your child wants to be the center of yours.

This is the primary motivation.

Unless they are a rare bird, you are not going to find many women wrestlers who stick around the business if they attain a rich husband.

If they have a rich husband, they most likely are not going to wrestle unless they LOVE it.

They take a lot of crap from friends, family, and there is a lot of physical and emotional anguish in this business.

Anything from a harsh word to a fan from a grueling match that causes injuries, physical or mental.

Fighting And Competition Is NOT FUN For Most Girls!

Any thought of any type of “confrontation” or “drama” as females often call it generally makes them a nervous wreck.

Men were the hunters and gatherers in ancient times in most cases.

Women are nurturers generally.

If you gave the majority of ladies in this world a blind, biological choice of “security or freedom” what do you think they would choose?

(I said a biological choice, not a logical one)

In my experience and opinion the vast majority of women would almost always choose security over freedom.

I know this because there are ladies that have worked here and made $200 to $300 for a few hours of work.

Then, these same ladies give the majority of their time to a job that pays them $300 per week for 40 hours of labor.

Many men are like this too sadly.     

The education system failed them and they fail to understand the most valuable commodity they have in this world is their own time and what they choose to do with it.

Back to Women.

Most women instinctively or biologically understand that the primary trait that males look for when they court them is their BEAUTY.

Women HIGHLY value their looks.

Most of the ladies I ask to try this are subjectively “pretty” females by most standards.

Without those looks, they become like you and I as GUYS…….meaning…..they have to actually WORK!

I’m ducking for cover right now, but…………….

Most Women Tend To Know The POWER Of Their Looks!

YOU:   You looked so hot and sexy against Monroe the other day.
HER:    Thanks.  (translation:  I know!)

Why Am I Talking About Women’s Looks And What Does This Have To Do With This?

The biggest fear that stops new ladies from trying this out is that they truly fear that they are going to get punched in the nose or gouged in the eye.

They don’t want their looks being hurt in ANY way.

Especially model types.


Women who put themselves out there as a model type generally have inboxes full of guys trying to date them first and foremost.

They also tend to get a lot of messages from photographers and businesses (like myself) that want them to try things they have not tried before.

And, let’s be honest.

Our style of REAL and COMPETITIVE Women’s Wrestling is very challenging.

The ladies will be feeling it MENTALLY days and hours before the match itself.

And, for the PHYSICAL part, if there are two equal ladies wrestling on our wrestling mats…………….they are going to be FEELING IT when they go home.

You use all types of muscles you have never used.

And as a woman, you don’t get to be in control of how you are portrayed.

Anything can happen when the wrestling is REAL and COMPETITIVE!

For some humans, this is exhilarating.

For MOST women………….this can be incredibly and extremely terrifying!!!!

This is why I always tell fans to APPRECIATE and SUPPORT the extremely RARE ladies who put it on the line for THEM.

All of ladies who I have ever spent even 1 hour with are here for one primary reason and one primary reason only.

They are here to make as much money as humanly possible.

If you once had a favorite woman that is no longer working here it most likely means there were not enough collective fans were not supporting her.

Many fans think OTHER FANS will pick up the tab.

Big mistake!

Mass delusion my friends!

If you want the women to flake less you MUST chip in to financially support them as much as you can afford it.

If they are making $1000, $2000, or $5000 per week doing this do you think they are going to flake all the time?

Yes.   Sometimes.  But, not nearly as much.  

THE PRIMARY REASON women flake is when they feel society is going to judge them at sometime in the future for participation or because the nerves are simply too great at the moment it’s time to wrestle.  (when it comes to wrestling)

Women are highly attracted to QUALITY and VALUE. 

Perhaps a high honor man will explain himself every single time.   This is me.   If I can’t do business with someone, I let them know why.   If I made a commitment, I honor it.   If I must break it, I let the person know why.

Many women just tend to ghost you.

It’s normal.

If you are a wrestling producer, your job is to DEMONSTRATE through actions and not words that they can’t get away with this.

Have a strong contract and enforce it when the ladies waste your very important life and time.

If you don’t enforce it, or if you let other girls slip by, the ladies will rightfully think you are a PUSSY.

It’s the circle of life.

Women are looking for men who have personal strength and leadership skills.

This means you don’t roll over for them.

It also means you have strong emotional control and you don’t lecture them when they do wrong.

You stay strong, firm, and let them know the consequences without being a dick about it.

This is the same if you are a man trying to date women.  

If you keep getting passed by you might want to work out more.   Increase your income.   Work on your physical looks.    Learn more about females and how to court them.

Be valuable.

Maybe, stop being such a pussy and agreeing with them on every single little point.    Or, maybe you are too much of an asshole and simply have a lot of rules and orders.

Chill out.

Work on YOU.

Then if women flake on you………… won’t matter.

Maybe they had a reason related to you or maybe it was related to them.

Again, you won’t worry about this type of thing because you are busy working on yourself and suddenly you will have so many options that you WILL NOT CARE.

In turn…………making you much more attractive.

In my case, it makes my business an attractive place to work.

I’m not going to give a woman drama if she does wrong, but I will give her the boot.


Don’t get so caught up in trying to figure out WHY the woman flaked unless you did something terribly wrong and you know it.

I will finish with this.

Perhaps sometime in the future a producer will read this who is trying to do the same thing I’m doing.  Only producers will completely understand this side of things and most of them do not have the knowledge or foresight to even make it this far.   

Working with women is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Especially pretty women. 

They are different.  They are not hard workers in general.   They do not put in long hours for me in general.   We are always last on the totem pole when it comes to most of the ladies we work with.

Some this is simply female biology.

Some of this is presentation and societal acceptance, of which is our job.  

Working with women has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my entire life.  

As desirable as it may seem, I warn you.  

It’s not for everyone and it comes with a lot of “not care” on their end.  

It will shock your conscious.  Over and over again.  

I don’t blame them for it a.  Biology is something I cannot change.   However, I can take personal responsibility for what I can control and improve upon and you can too. 

— Ringo —

PS.  One last tip.  If you are dealing with a new woman you have never met before keep in mind you are nothing more than an AVATAR.   Make a video of yourself and send it to her AND/OR set up a time to talk on the phone or video a couple of days after you make a commitment to meet.

REVISED AND UPDATED:   July 23rd 2020

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